My Sewing Patterns for Teens/Adults & Free Project

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I have been sewing since I was eight years old. My Grandma McCrary and my Aunt Carolyn were instrumental in sharing their sewing talents and knowledge with me over the years. 

In junior high and high school I took every class the district offered. In my senior year of high school my sewing teacher, Mrs. Brown, asked me if I wanted to take Independent Study from her so I could continue learning more about tailoring and sewing.  Of course, I accepted her offer! I continued making my own clothes, home decor, and gifts for friends and family.

In 2000 I took my first quilting class, and I was hooked! I continued taking classes at the local quilt shop until I felt confident and competent enough to pursue this hobby on my own.

In late 2007, I began designing my own projects and submitting them to magazines, books, and sewing industry manufacturers for publication. I was fortunate enough to have over one hundred of my original sewing, stitchery, and quilting designs published in the United States and in the United Kingdom during an eight-year period. 

Now I publish my original sewing designs as Kindle ebooks available in the Kindle Store on All of my books are available for free through the Kindle Unlimited program. These patterns can be found on my Amazon Author Page

The covers and direct links to Amazon for each sewing pattern is on the right sidebar on the 'Home' page of this blog. Find them beneath my photo at:

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-- One of my designs is currently being offered for free by the publisher. Follow this link to find the materials list and instructions for my Wine & Dine Picnic Set

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