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A World War II Military Romance Short 
Story Inspired by a True Story . . .

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ABOUT THE STORY: 'Handmade Hearts' is a historical romance short story set in New Orleans during World War II and was inspired by a true story.

Toward the end of his life, I asked my Uncle 'Allen' how he met his wife. He shared about how he met 'Irene' at a church social in their neighborhood in New Orleans in the early 1940s. He had been seriously wounded in Guadalcanal in the South Pacific as a young Marine and was using crutches to get around as best he could.

He had many inner wounds which needed time to heal, too. He had no way of knowing when they first met that Irene had suffered her own wartime tragedy. She bravely sought to keep her grief locked away deep inside because thinking about her loss caused her even more sorrow. She needed to be strong because she was the breadwinner for her small family.

Times were tough, but these two unique individuals made it through each day with inner fortitude, determination, and the sincere hope of something greater just over the horizon.

This inspirational short story follows the growth of Allen and Irene's relationship beginning with their chance meeting and leading forward to a lifetime spent together. 'Handmade Hearts' was created to honor this unique couple's love for and devotion to each other in a relationship which spanned seven decades.
This book is completely clean in language and content. 

~PRAISE for 'Handmade Hearts':

πŸ’— A touching and sweet story! So glad the author decided to share her aunt and uncle's story with us readers as it made me smile. It encouraged me that healing can always happen in our hearts, even if it takes time. Plus, it was fun too. :)

Recommended to readers looking for a touching short romantic story! ~Laura G., Amazon Reviewer

πŸ’— This delightful short story is based on a true WWII romance. It tells of the relationship that develops between a wounded soldier and a home front young woman who is grieving a terrible loss while shouldering the responsibility of providing for her family.

The author shows that, with love and understanding, hearts can heal, even under the most trying of circumstances. There is a significant meaning to the title Handmade Hearts that makes this tale a tender and inspirational read. ~Patti S., Amazon Reviewer
 πŸ’— "What a lovely tribute to your aunt and uncle. It was a joy to read! . . . I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your story and thank you again for sharing it with me. ~Sandy, Reader from California

 πŸ’— "It's a great story!" ~Laura A., Reader in Minnesota



'Romance By Proxy'
A Clean, Wholesome Military Romance . . . 

ABOUT THE BOOK:  Set on the majestic Northern Coast of California, 'Romance by Proxy' is the first book in the 'Pink Lilac Inn' series . . .

In her early forties and never married, Lainey Barton enjoys a quiet life as the event planner for her family's historic inn. Organizing weddings and family reunions keeps her busy, but she longs for something more in life.

Join Lainey as she maneuvers her way through a unique romance, a cozy mystery, and other rough patches along the path toward her goal of finding love and happiness.

This contemporary romance story is a clean, wholesome, 'later-in-life' military romance which is completely clean in language and content.


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