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Whole Latte Murder (All-Day Breakfast Cafe Mystery) by Lena Gregory


About Whole Latte Murder


Whole Latte Murder (All-Day Breakfast Cafe Mystery) 

Cozy Mystery 5th in Series  

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation Lyrical Press

(April 27, 2021) Paperback: 206 pages  

ISBN-10: 1516110498 ISBN-13: 978-1516110490  

Digital ASIN: B08F2X8NGW


Ex-New Yorker and local diner owner Gia Morelli is still getting used to the sweltering Florida sun. But this summer she’ll have to deal with a more dangerous kind of heat—when she’s hot on the trail of another murderer . . .

Summer in Boggy Creek has arrived, and Gia’s best friend, successful real estate agent Savannah, is getting hitched. Now she’s enlisted Gia’s sleuthing talents in a desperate search for the perfect wedding dress. But when Savannah mysteriously vanishes after showing a mansion to a bigwig client, Gia investigates the house Savannah was trying to sell. The first clue she finds is Savannah’s car in the driveway. Inside the house, they stumble on Savannah’s potential buyer—dead. Someone had apparently closed the deal—with a two by four full of nails to the client’s head. Soon afterward, a woman’s body is fished from the lake near the same house. The townsfolk are now sweating bullets over the murders, and the heat comes down on poor Gia to find her missing friend, and track down the killer . . .


About Lena Gregory


Lena Gregory is the author of the Bay Island Psychic Mysteries, which take place on a small island between the north and south forks of Long Island, New York, and the All-Day Breakfast CafΓ© Mysteries, which are set on the outskirts of Florida’s Ocala National Forest.

Lena grew up in a small town on the south shore of eastern Long Island, but she recently traded in cold, damp, gray winters for the warmth and sunshine of central Florida, where she now lives with her husband, three kids, son-in-law, and four dogs. Her hobbies include spending time with family, reading, and walking. Her love for writing developed when her youngest son was born and didn’t sleep through the night. She works full time as a writer and a freelance editor and is a member of Sisters in Crime.


To learn more about Lena and her latest writing endeavors, visit her website at and be sure to sign up for her newsletter
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Legally Blind Luck (Braxton Campus Mysteries) 

by James J. Cudney


About Legally Blind Luck


Cozy Mystery 7th in Series  
Independently published (April 15, 2021)  
Gumshoe - A Next Chapter Imprint Paperback: 295 pages  
ISBN-13: 979-8707757341  
Digital ASIN: B08R347N84

Surprising new family members. A hidden talisman. Deadly curses. Murder. Months after tragically losing a loved one, Kellan learns his relative’s death wasn’t an accident.

Someone has discovered a cursed talisman, and a rogue government agent will stop at nothing to retrieve the heirloom. Unfortunately, it has already changed hands and found its way on campus. Moments before Braxton’s controversial art exhibition opens, Kellan stumbles upon another murder victim, and it appears he might be next on the avenger’s list.

Can Kellan protect the talisman's true heir and prevent the killer’s nefarious plan? Given all the suspects have ties to prominent Braxton citizens, he’s uncertain whom to trust. Together, Kellan and Sheriff April are determined to solve the mystery - via legal means or blind luck.



Someone's in Kellan's Office:

With only an hour to grab lunch before it was time to introduce Tobias, I returned to my office to eat the food I’d purchased the day before and organize my thoughts. Myriam had closed the building and lent our department administrator to Fern to assist with any coordination for the art exhibition. She and Ursula would attend to ensure the Glass Hall event kicked off with no issues. I let myself onto our floor and flipped on the lights in the hallway where most of the offices resided. As I approached mine, I noticed my door was slightly ajar.

Had the thief returned with the cursed figurine? I debated whether to call BCS, but the cleaning staff could’ve left it open. No other lights were on. What could someone be doing in the dark? I quietly approached my office, tightly hugging the hallway walls. When I reached my door, I flung it open and shouted, “I’ve got the police on speed dial! Who are you?”

“No one you need to be afraid of,” responded a vibrant feminine voice. “Didn’t Ulan inform you I’d contact you this week?”

I stepped into the doorway and glimpsed a woman sitting in my chair. A narrow ray of light peeked through the window shade and settled on her face face. A pair of dark glasses covered her eyes, and she wielded a folded walking stick in her hands, which rested on the top of the desk. Finally, we could tackle the important stuff in our peculiar mystery.

“How did you know where to find my office?” I flipped on the light switch to better see who lurked in the darkness.

“My bodyguard escorts me around, as needed. He’s also my driver these days. You probably didn’t notice him, but he’s been watching you all morning. It’s imperative we speak.” 


About James J. Cudney


Background James is my given name, but most folks call me Jay. I live in New York City, grew up on Long Island, and graduated from Moravian College, an historic but small liberal arts school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with a degree in English literature and minors in Education, Business and Spanish. After college, I accepted a technical writing position for a telecommunications company during Y2K and spent the last ~20 years building a career in technology & business operations in the retail, sports, media, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Throughout those years, I wrote short stories, poems, and various beginnings to the “Great American Novel,” but I was so focused on my career that writing became a hobby. In 2016, I committed to focusing my energies toward reinvigorating a second career in reading, writing, and publishing.  
Author Writing has been a part of my life as much as my heart, mind, and body. At some points, it was just a few poems or short stories; at others, it was full length novels and stories. My current focus is family drama fiction, cozy mystery novels, and suspense thrillers. I conjure characters and plots that I feel must be unwound. I think of situations people find themselves in and feel compelled to tell the story. It’s usually a convoluted plot with many surprise twists and turns. I feel it necessary to take that ride all over the course. My character is easily pictured in my head. I know what he is going to encounter or what she will feel. But I need to use the right words to make it clear.  
Reader & Reviewer Reading has also never left my side. Whether it was children’s books, young adult novels, college textbooks, biographies, or my ultimate love, fiction, it’s ever present in my day. I read two books per week and I’m on a quest to update every book I’ve ever read on Goodreads, write up a review, and post it on all my sites and platforms.  
Blogger & Thinker I have combined my passions into a single platform where I share reviews, write a blog and publish tons of content: TRUTH. I started my 365 Daily Challenge, where I post about a word that has some meaning to me and converse with everyone about life. There is humor, tears, love, friendship, advice, and bloopers. Lots of bloopers where I poke fun at myself all the time. Even my dogs have had weekly segments called “Ryder’s Rants” or “Baxter’s Barks,” where they complain about me. All these things make up who I am; none of them are very fancy or magnanimous, but they are real. And that’s why they are me.  
Genealogist & Researcher I love history and research, finding myself often reaching back into the past to understand why someone made the choice he or she did and what were the subsequent consequences. I enjoy studying the activities and culture from hundreds of years ago to trace the roots and find the puzzle of my own history. I wish I could watch my ancestors from a secret place to learn how they interacted with others, and maybe I’ll comprehend why I do things the way I do.
Websites & Blog 
Social Media  


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πŸΆπŸˆπŸ‡πŸŸπŸ πŸ¦πŸπŸ’πŸ­πŸ• 

πŸΆπŸˆπŸ‡πŸŸπŸ πŸ¦πŸπŸ’πŸ­πŸ•

πŸΆπŸˆπŸ‡πŸŸπŸ πŸ¦πŸπŸ’πŸ­πŸ•
As a child, teacher, and adult I have always enjoyed reading animal and pet stories. All of my adult Christian romances except one have at least one pet as a member of the cast. My middle-grade historical adventure, 'RES-Q Tyler Stop', has an abundance of pets and animals featured throughout the story since it is about an animal rescue. When I was planning this MMGM post for the last Monday in April I was thrilled to find that today is National Kids and Pets Day!
Below are several resources I want to share with you. Whether you are a teacher, parent, grandparent, scout leader, youth group/church leader, or an animal lover yourself, I hope you find some fun activities and books to enjoy in honor of this day.
 πŸΆπŸˆπŸ‡πŸŸπŸ πŸ¦πŸπŸ’πŸ­πŸ•

Find the links to read more great Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday posts from middle-grade authors and bloggers at Greg Pattridge's 'Always in the Middle' Blog. 
πŸΆπŸˆπŸ‡πŸŸπŸ πŸ¦πŸπŸ’πŸ­πŸ•


What happens when a traditional horse whisperer clashes with an unconventional trainer within the charming Amish community of Honey Brook?

Grace Zook has always held a talent with horses, ever since she was a child growing up in her quaint Amish village of Honey Brook. Now, as an adult, she’s become a master trainer—but still struggles to prove to her father that she is worthy of taking over the family’s horse farm. With a fiery new stallion coming soon, Grace knows this challenge is her chance to prove she can finally take the reins.

When widower and horse whisperer Isaac King is offered the lead training job on a new farm out of town, he’s thrilled to finally make a name for himself and provide some permanent roots for his young daughter. But not only is the stallion seemingly unbreakable, so, too, is the owner’s headstrong daughter Grace, who has drastically different ideas about how to handle the impossible horse. Yet somehow, he can’t seem to get the confident, beautiful woman out of his mind...even though as his boss’s daughter, she is completely off-limits.

There’s too much at stake for Isaac to gamble his future on Grace...even though suddenly, he can’t imagine one without her.

Each book in the Honey Brook series is STANDALONE:
* Never an Amish Bride
* The Amish Cowboy’s Homecoming
Ophelia London

USA Today bestselling author Ophelia London was born and raised among the redwood trees in beautiful northern California. Once she was fully educated, she decided to settle in Florida, but her car broke down in Texas, and she’s lived in Dallas ever since. She enjoys cupcakes, treadmills, reruns of Dawson’s Creek and obsessing over her Italian Greyhound, Peanut. Ophelia is the author of NEVER AN AMISH BRIDE, her very first Amish romance! As wells as the Sugar City series, the Perfect Kisses series, the Abby Road series, and other adult, NA and YA sweet romances.

CONNECT WITH OPHELIA: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram  

A story of overcoming grief to lead a joyful life . . .

The author has created a solid setting in the Amish community of Honey Creek. Along with an assortment of strong characters, the plot's emphasis on horse training piqued my interest. In fact, the methods of training horses used by the two main characters may have been my favorite element of the story.

Readers are led on a meandering path of past and current events which influence how the female lead, Grace Zook, and newcomer Isaac King relate to each other. As the story develops, there is an unusually strong focus on the couple's physical attraction to each other. I found this focus to be an uncommon thread for this genre after my nearly two decades of reading Amish fiction.

One of the themes I appreciated the most in this book was the personal and spiritual growth experienced by not only the main characters, but many of the supporting characters as well. Two women come to mind who both blossomed before my eyes as I read each chapter of the book. I always enjoy reading books where people mature and change in positive ways.

I received a paperback copy of this book from the publisher. All of my thoughts and opinions expressed here are solely my own.


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The Indebted Earl JustRead Blog + Review Tour

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for The Indebted Earl by Erica Vetsch, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!



The Indebted Earl
Title:  The Indebted Earl 
Series: Serendipity & Secrets #3 
Author: Erica Vetsch 
Publisher: Kregel Publications 
Release Date: March 23, 2021 
Genre: Christian Regency Romance 

Can Captain Wyvern keep his new marriage of convenience all business--or will it turn into something more? 

Captain Charles Wyvern owes a great debt to the man who saved his life--especially since Major Richardson lost his own life in the process. The best way to honor that hero's dying wish is for Wyvern to escort the man's grieving fiance and mother safely to a new cottage home by the sea. But along the way, he learns of another obligation that has fallen on his shoulders: his uncle has died and the captain is now the Earl of Rothwell. 

When he and the ladies arrive at his new manor house in Devon, they discover an estate in need of a leader and a gaggle of girls, all wards of the former earl. War the new earl knows; young ladies and properties he does not. Still wishing to provide for the bereaved Lady Sophia Haverly, Charles proposes a marriage of convenience. 

Sophie is surprised to find she isn't opposed to the idea. It will help her care for her betrothed's elderly mother, and she's already fallen in love with the wayward girls on the Rothwell estate. This alliance is a chance to repay the captain who has done so much for her care, as well as divert her attention from her grief. When Wyvern returns to his sea commission, she'll stay behind to oversee his property and wards. 

It sounds so simple. Until the stalwart captain is arrested on suspicion of smuggling, and Sophie realizes how much he's come to mean to her. Now she'll have to learn to fight, not only for his freedom but also for his love. 

Betsy, instead of cringing away as he’d anticipated, sat up and held out her arms. “Good night, Cap’n. I hope you have happy dreams.” They were the first words he’d heard her utter, and before he could catalog them, her little arms went around him, and she buried her head in his waistcoat.

Startled, Charles held his hands away from his sides, looking to Sophie for help. What on earth was the girl doing? Sophie made a small hugging motion, smiling, and he gradually lowered his arms to embrace the child.

She had small bones and a warm, sweet fragrance. Completely foreign, and yet not unpleasant. So fragile and vulnerable.

When she turned him loose, she lay back on the pillows, a satisfied smile on her little bow lips.

“Why’d you do that?” Thea asked her sister, her red brows arrowing down.

Betsy shrugged. “He looked like he needed a hug. I don’t think captains get hugged enough.”



PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & NobleBook Depository | IndieBound | Christianbook | BookBub



Erica Vetsch

Best-selling, award-winning author Erica Vetsch loves Jesus, history, romance, and sports. When she’s not writing fiction, she’s planning her next trip to a history museum and cheering on her Kansas Jayhawks and New Zealand All Blacks. You can connect with her at her website, where you can read about her books and sign up for her newsletter, and you can find her online at where she spends way too much time!

CONNECT WITH ERICA: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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