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Book Blast & Giveaway for 'The Marriage Pact'

~ BOOK BLAST & $100
'The Marriage Pact'
Author Wendi Sotis ~
--The Marriage Pact by Wendi Sotis A Regency Romance 
The heir to an earldom has little control over his own fate, but Mr. James Aldridge promised himself one freedom. To marry for affection instead of wealth or connections. Anger flares when he learns his father has struck a deal: in one year, he will be leg-shackled to Miss Celia Colton, the dazzling beauty who had previously caught his eye. Now certain she was simply performing her role in a scheme to catch him as her husband, resentment prompts James to refuse to squander his last months of independence in the company of such a mistress of manipulation. But why can he not wrench his gaze from her at every encounter? Completely unaware of the pact that has matched her with James, Miss Celia Colton is at a loss to explain why the man she secretly loves has suddenly become cold and critical. Abandoned by James, who had promised to guide her through her debut Season, she fears she will have to navigate the ton with only her grasping mother and distracted cousin as companions. Surrounded by gentlemen merely interested in her dowry, young ladies who view her as unwelcome competition, and, worse yet, James’s icy stares and disdainful manners, her primary concern is to discover the reason for his altered behaviour. How can she make things right between them? Will a love-match be forever out of her reach? 
--Praise for The Marriage Pact This novel had quite a few twists & turns to it that I didn’t quite expect. I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will say I truly enjoyed this book - I felt thoroughly engaged throughout the whole of it & being a regency style novel as well as being a clean read, I can highly recommend it.
--Excerpt: For the moment, the pair of matrons were silently observing Celia interact with a newly introduced gentleman, a Mr. Montgomery. As she rose from yet another curtsy, her gaze deviated from its mark and locked onto a sight that caused her heart to cease beating. James stood directly across the ballroom, speaking to a lady. Even from this distance, his handsome visage nearly took her breath away. She strained to discern a trace of the deep timbre of his voice from the din of the crowd, but she could not make it out. It had been too long since her heart had soared with the rumbling of his laughter — far, far too long since his smile had warmed her soul. She willed James to approach. Alas, he did not. The urge to call out to him almost overcame her sense of propriety before the recollection of the change in their situation crashed down on her all at once. Her elation burst, leaving an ache in its place. She sighed and glanced at Mr. Montgomery, who looked away from her neckline only long enough to sign her dance card. If she could put up with this man’s ogling her through a set, then surely, she could endure pairing up with James and withstand his angry glares. Mr. Montgomery returned the card to her hand, and she saw there were still two sets open. As was expected of her, she thanked the gentleman and curtsied once again. Mr. Montgomery bowed and retreated. Her mother immediately took hold of one of her hands. “Celia! Lord Eagleton has come, after all, and he moves in this direction. Remember everything I have told you, dear — simply everything. You must attract his attention immediately, before Miss Buchannan does so.” She craned her neck to peer around a group of ladies who had moved between them and James. “Oh, that disagreeable Mr. Kenilworth has delayed Lord Eagleton’s approach. I had the disadvantage of making his acquaintance last summer, while I stayed at Penelope’s estate. Mr. Kenilworth is a distant relation to the baron, and although he may be the younger son of an earl, I do not like that man. Especially not now.” She held out her hand to Celia. “Give me your dance card, dear.” Celia held onto her card tightly, already suspecting what her mother had in mind. She widened her eyes. “Why?” “If Mr. Kenilworth delays Lord Eagleton much longer, he will not be able to reserve a set with you. I shall do so for him.” “But mother …” Celia sputtered out, “Perhaps Lord Eagleton does not wish to request a dance.” “Nonsense.” Mrs. Colton laughed as she waved the idea away. “Of course he does. He would wish to reserve a set of honour.” She plucked the card and pencil out of Celia’s hand. “You are unengaged for the last set. I shall fill in his name.” “Mother, please do not —” It was too late. As her mother returned her card, Celia stared at the name now written next to the final set. Viscount Eagleton. Good Lord, what was she to do? 
--Author Wendi Sotis Wendi Sotis lives on Long Island, NY, with her husband and triplets. While searching for Pride and Prejudice from Darcy’s point of view, she became thoroughly enamored with Jane Austen Fan Fiction or JAFF. In early 2010, she dreamed an idea for a story and hasn’t stopped writing since: Promises, Dreams and Expectations; All Hallows Eve;The Keys for Love; Safekeeping (with just a dash of Austen); The Gypsy Blessing; Foundation of Love (The Gypsy Blessing 2); and A Lesson Hard Learned. A Very Austen Christmas, released in 2017, is an anthology of short stories and novellas including Wendi’s story No Better Gift. The Marriage Pact, and some of her works-in-progress, have branched away to Regency Romance (the Loving an Aldridge series) and Contemporary Romantic Mysteries (the Implicated series). Wendi will also continue bringing Darcy and Lizzy together again and again in an unusual manner.
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--CURRENT GIVEAWAYS ON 'READING, WRITING & STITCH-METIC':  Click on over to my 'Current Giveaways' Page for instructions on how to enter a fun Facebook giveaway for US readers. Cedar Fort Author Shawn Pollock is giving away a signed copy of his debut World War II historical novel, 'The Road to Freedom'. Entries close this Saturday, March 3rd, at 11:59PM. Don't miss out on a chance to win this great prize!
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~ Picture Book Feature for 'When God Made Light' ~

'When God Made Light'
Written by Matthew Paul Turner 
Illustrated by David Catrow

About When God Made Light:
From the author and illustrator of the best-selling When God Made You comes a new illuminating message about God's design affirming young readers.

'Let there be light!' that's what God said. And light began shining and then started to spread." Wild and creative illustrations from top children's illustrator David Catrow pair with Matthew Paul Turner's lyrical verse in this message of a God-made light that cuts through darkness to bring vision and hope to all young readers. This light radiates, chasing away the shadows, providing the wonder and fun of stargazing or firefly chasing. Most important, this light appears in each child--an inner God-given spark that grows and will be used to change the world.

About Matthew Paul Turner:

Matthew Paul Turner is a blogger, speaker, and author of Hear No Evil, The Coffeehouse Gospel, the What You Didn’t Learn from Your Parents About… series, and several other popular books. Matthew, his wife, Jessica, and his son, Elias, live in Nashville, Tennessee. He can be found online at:  Matthew Paul Turner

CLICK HERE TO READ A SNEAK PEEK OF THE BOOK:  Excerpt of 'When God Made Light'
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Rhyme, Rhythm, and Repetition:
When I was earning my teaching credential many years ago, our professor for our early reading courses told us the three most important elements in picture books were rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. The author of 'When God Made Light' has done a masterful job of including these three components in his manuscript. I particularly enjoyed the higher-level vocabulary words he included in the story: gleamed, streamed, beamed; berries, cherries, strawberries, canaries; camping, stamping, tramping; constellations, formations, creations; etc.

Artwork: The illustrator has made the characters, children and animals, come alive on the pages of this book! His use of color, facial expressions, and light versus dark make the illustrations a supporting character in the story. I especially enjoyed the activities and body language the two African-American girls displayed throughout the book. The dog's exuberance from beginning to end was entertaining and humorous. As I reread the book several times I found different things to look at on each page. Those intricacies make a child want to hear a story and look at its pictures over and over again.

Faith: This story includes a positive view of how God sees the light in each of His children. Not only does the author touch on the creation of the world, but he writes that the light at creation is the same light God put inside each of us.

This is an excellent read-aloud book for families to share or for Sunday school teachers to read with their classes. Highly recommended!

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review. I received no compensation from Blogging for Books or any other party for posting this review here or on any other sites.
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MMGM Fiction Feature - The Maypop Kidnapping


'The Maypop Kidnapping'
{Queenie Boyd Mysteries Book #1}
by Author C. M. Surrisi
C.M. Surrisi's debut middle-grade mystery, The Maypop Kidnapping is set in a small coastal Maine village filled with eccentric locals. When 13-year-old Quinnie's beloved teacher goes missing, Quinnie leads a relentless, sometimes misguided search – against her mother's orders.
When Ms. Stillford does not show up on the first day of school, 13-year-old Quinnie Boyd is convinced her beloved tutor has been kidnapped.

Quinnie, clever and endowed with a vivid imagination, is initially unable to convince her mother, the sheriff of the small coastal village of Maiden Rock, Maine (as well as its postmistress and real estate agent; it’s that small a town), to mount a search. Missing her best friend, Zoe, who is in Scotland for the year, but aided by her maybe-crush, Ben, and by the new girl, skinny-jeans–clad Mariella from New York City, Quinnie mucks through the marsh, sneaks into houses, spies on visiting tattooed rockers, and jumps to conclusions—with the best intentions but often humorous results. Much of the book’s humor derives from the quirky, colorful Maiden Rockers, particularly the two elderly nuns who drive too fast, can’t figure out recycling, live in the convent with hordes of cats, and have a puzzling need for bat guano. Quinnie is a memorable protagonist with an engaging voice, confused about her feelings for Ben and her anger at the mother she loves even as she barrels full tilt and against her mother’s instructions into her amateur sleuthing.
This is a fun, fast-paced contemporary upper middle-grade mystery set in a beachside town in Maine. The characters are well-developed and believable. Some of them are quirky, and that's exactly what keeps the mystery progressing.

As I was writing this review, I realized this book reminds me of one of my favorite madcap musicals, 'Thoroughly Modern Millie', starring my best-loved female actresses, Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore. Both stories have a lot of action, fun characters, and a bit of mystery. Both stories are entertaining and memorable.

When I visited the author's website {}, I discovered there are two more books in this series. 'Vampires on the Run' was released in 2017; and the release of Book 3, 'A Side of Sabotage', is coming up later this year. I look forward to reading more books by this clever author.
The author's website has a Discussion Guide, Bookmark, and Sample Chapter for 'The Maypop Kidnapping' available for download.

They {whoever 'they' is} always say, 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. In this case, the cover art is beautiful on top of the story being top-quality!

{Note: I borrowed this book from the New Book shelf in the children's section of the local public library.}

C. M. Surrisi has a BFA, a JD, and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Along with her husband, and two dogs she lives in Asheville, NC. She is represented by Wernick and Pratt Literary Agency. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, SCBWI, and the Author’s Guild.


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CURRENT GIVEAWAY:  US Only--Signed print copy of Author Shawn Pollock's debut historical World War II novel, 'The Road to Freedom'. Click over to my 'Current Giveaways' Page to read the instructions and to enter for a chance to win!
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-- Wednesday, February 28th: Blogging For Books Review of a picture book by Author Matthew Paul Turner and Illustrator David Catrow, 'When God Made Light'.

-- Friday, March 2nd: Book spotlight featuring debut Cedar Fort author Chelsea Curran's LDS romance, 'Unseen Road to Love'
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~ Friday Fiction Feature: Author Shawn Pollock & 'The Road to Freedom' ~

-- Author Interview with Shawn Pollock,
Book Spotlight & US Giveaway for his debut novel,
'The Road to Freedom' --

Shawn Pollock grew up in Cache Valley, Utah, and graduated from Utah State University with degrees in Professional Writing and Instructional Technology. He works as an instructional designer in the software industry. His short story, "Hats," won first place in The New Era magazine's fiction contest. Any time not devoted to work and family goes to cooking, reading about history, and participating in the League of Utah Writers. The Road to Freedom is his first novel.


June: Welcome to 'Reading, Writing & Stitch-Metic', Shawn. Tell us a little about yourself. How did your education and/or previous job and life experiences impact your road to publication?

Shawn: I am a native of Utah and went to school at USU (Go Aggies!). My parents are both big readers and so I grew up seeing that and having lots of books around the house. My education from high school onward has always leaned heavily toward writing in various forms. I majored in English at USU, so I took a lot of writing classes and spent a lot of time around other people who liked to read and write.

June:  One of my favorite topics of conversation is books!
June: Your book is set during World War II. Did any of your family members or friends serve in the military during this war? Did they share their experiences with you?

Shawn: Both of my grandfathers served in WWII. One served in Europe, in the Third Army under General George Patton, and then as part of the occupation of Japan. My other grandfather served in the Navy, on the USS Ordronaux.

I never heard much about their experiences from either of them firsthand. My sister wrote a history of my grandfather that delved a little into his time in the Army. Not long before he died, my grandfather told my dad a lot of things he had never talked about before and so I heard more about his experiences in a secondhand way.

June:  What a small world . . . One of my uncles served in the Army under General Patton in Europe, too.

June: How did their experiences influence your story? 

Shawn: A few of the things my grandfather experienced in Europe influenced my story.

He was a big guy and lost a lot of weight from the bad food and endless walking, and he always felt hungry. This made its way directly into the story through the character of Hans Kohler.

He had a couple of experiences with Germans that didn't actually go into my story but helped me picture how people on opposing sides of a war could still relate to each other as human beings. Since all of my main characters are German, this helped me write them as regular people rather than just Nazis or "bad guys."

For example, he got sick at one point and was nursed back to health by a German woman until he could rejoin his unit.

As the war was ending and the Germans were surrendering in masses, his unit just directed them to the rear. There were so many, that was as much as they could do. One day, a German on a motorcycle approached my grandfather and another soldier to surrender. Before sending him on, they each guarded the German in turn while the other took the motorcycle for a spin through the fields.

June: I admire the way you wove real-life experiences into your manuscript to enrich the characters and their relationships with each other.
June: Please tell us a little about how you created your setting and developed the characters for this book.

Shawn: What I wanted to do with this book was explore a concept often found in the Book of Mormon, in which one man struggles to remain righteous while his own countrymen have degenerated into wickedness and violence. Ether, Nephi (son of Helaman), Mormon, Moroni; how did they remain true to their convictions in the face of almost universal opposition? Nazi Germany, and especially the fighting in the East, is a more recent equivalent of this situation. If there was a man who attempted to keep to a higher ideal in such an environment, what effect would his efforts have on him, and what influence could he have on others?

I developed the characters to be able to play off one another. In the earliest version, Kohler was an experienced sergeant who had been with Meier for a long time, but as I got deeper into the story, I realized I was just writing the same character twice. I understood the main characters needed to be foils for one another so they could develop their own identities and grow through their interactions, so I turned Kohler into a green private. I also tried to make Kracauer more than a two-dimensional antagonist by making him an entertainer as well.
June: Please share with us what type of research you did for your book. One of the book's reviews on states: "The imagery of the battles was amazing." Did you study World War II military history in high school and/or college?

Shawn: I didn't study history formally but I have done a great deal of reading on the wars of the 20th century, specifically World War I through Vietnam. My grandfather who served in the Navy had a large collection of books on World War II, and when he passed away, my grandmother was kind enough to give them to me. And in addition to that, there is a wealth of information on pretty much any aspect of the war you'd care to delve into. I read a lot about specific aspects of life in the Third Reich, and about general observations on the nature of war by authors like Richard Holmes and John Ellis.

Here's a sampling of the books that helped me in my research:
German Army, 1939-45: Eastern Front, 1943-45; Three Against Hitler; Hitler's Hangman: The Life of Heydrich; Hitler Youth: Growing up in Hitler's Shadow; Life in the Hitler Youth; The Hitler Youth: Marching Toward Madness; The Nazis; Blitzkrieg; Prelude to War; Partisans and Guerrillas; Russia Besieged; Red Army Resurgent; Acts of War: The Behavior of Men in Battle; The Sharp End: The Fighting Man in World War II.

June: It sounds as if you did a thorough job of researching your subject matter and setting in order to construct a realistic period piece.
June: What or who inspired you to become an author?

Shawn: The desire to write has always been part of me. It was just something I instinctively knew I wanted to do. That said, it has taken me a long time to actually become a writer.

As for inspiration, I have a lot of interests that I want to create narratives for: war (obviously), crime, boxing, cooking, cowboys, music, and the list goes on.

I am most moved to write when I read certain authors. Stephen King, Dennis Lehane, and Steve Hockensmith are among those who, when I read them, make me want to write.

As for getting disciplined enough to stick to a regular writing schedule, my dad has helped me a lot. He is also a big war and history buff and so has given me a lot of encouragement in writing on these subjects. We cowrote a novel several years ago which didn't get published, but it was a good exercise in developing a daily writing schedule. The basic scenario for 'The Road to Freedom' came from ideas we developed together, and he asked about its progress a lot as I was writing it. Working on these projects with him has gotten me into a mode where I now make time to write every day.

June: How awesome to have a close relative who shares an interest and knowledge of your subject matter.
June: What do you like to do in your spare time--assuming you have any spare time?

Shawn: First, of course, is write, and I barely have time for that some days. I participate in the online chapter of the League of Utah Writers and trade critiques with other chapter members. I really enjoy associating with fellow writers and seeing writing from more of the critiquing/editorial side.

I like to stay active. I try to go running or play soccer as often as I can, and I'll torture myself with other exercises when the weather keeps me indoors.

I also enjoy cooking. I make breakfast for my kids every morning and cook dinner once in a great while and on holidays. I would have a hard time being responsible for a daily dinner, but I love planning Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I make pizza every Valentine's Day. I made my own birthday dinner last year because I wanted to try making Japanese curry from scratch.

June: It was a pleasure getting to know a dedicated author, Shawn. Thank you for the time and care you took in constructing your answers for this interview. Best wishes on a successful writing career.

GOODREADS                    FACEBOOK

In 1945, World War II is ending, but not in Germany's favor. Hans Kohler is a young Mormon German who knows more about farming that being a soldier. A worn copy of the Book of Mormon is the only thing that brings him comfort.

Captain Christoph Meier seems to be the perfect German soldier. His pristine Aryan features and strong family ties to the Nazi Party should have placed him at a far better post than this unit. Instead, he's leading broken veterans and inexperienced greenies.

When the Russians attack their unit, it leaves Meier and Kohler trapped behind enemy lines. To get past snipers, the Nazi SS, and the Russian Army, they need to use all of their skills, including believing that God wants them to survive.

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Shawn has graciously offered to sponsor a fun giveaway on his 'The Road to Freedom' Facebook Page. He's offering a signed print copy of the book to one fortunate US winner! {Entrants must be eighteen years of age or older -and- have a US mailing address.}

Here are his instructions for the giveaway:

Go to 'The Road to Freedom's' Facebook page: 'The Road to Freedom's' Facebook Page

On the post that says "The Road to Freedom Giveaway (Reading, Writing & Stitch-Metic)," tag as many people as you can in the comments. The person who tags the most people will receive an autographed copy of my book.

Contest closes on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, at 11:59PM PST. Good luck!

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'Mountains of Love: A Novella for the Heart 
(Dove Valley Series Book 1)' ~

Read More on Goodreads

          A Story of Faith, Redemption, and Timeless Love
     Welcome to Dove Valley, located in the heart of the Montana Mountains. This warm, friendly, welcoming town was founded by the Bartlett family more than 100 years ago. 

     Ezekiel Bartlett, a shining rodeo star that calls big sky country home. This Fun loving cowboy has always lived big. But this time, his rough and rowdy lifestyle has nearly cost him everything. Now with God’s help, he's working on becoming a better, humbler version of his former self. 

      Emily Thomas is a successful botanist and a beautiful, warm, loving woman. But, there was a time when she spent her days playing baseball, riding horses and loving Zeke Bartlett from afar. The handsome man of her dreams has finally noticed her. But is it too late? Given his rocky relationship with her best friend and brother Joey Thomas. She is forced to choose between the only family member she has left and the man she loves.

     The springtime Montana Mountains hold an enormous amount of beauty as well as danger. Will the couple survive a near-death experience, only to find out it is too late for them to spend the rest of their lives together?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Tammy James Hesler’s early life was a bizarre combination of island hopping through the Conch Republic, and dodging alligators deep in the Everglades. Loop road sported two bars and one gas station. The sixty mile long dirt road wound its way through the big cypress swamp. Virtually none of the local residents obeyed the only rules posted outside of Florida's roughest tavern, which read, "No Guns or Knives Inside,"

Most reluctantly, she left Seminole Indian territory, and all of its colorful inhabitants and natural wildlife. Hopping aboard the "Orange Blossom Special" she made Mickey Mouse her new neighbor. There, in Central Florida, awaited her real-life prince charming Scott Hesler.

In 1986, after very nearly losing her lunch, she made her big debut on local radio. Surviving stage fright, the painfully shy, backward girl, then settled into a dream career in Christian radio. In 1993, she fell in love a second time with her tiny newborn prince, Scotty. She then followed her heart’s desire, studied art, and began painting.

The fairy tale came to a screeching halt when she became sick with a mystery illness. Her health deteriorated to the point where she was blind and bedridden. However, unbeknownst to her, God was working in her life. The solitude and forced isolation led to writing the first children’s book “Adventures in Rainbow City.” Through the miracles of modern medicine, her Lupus is now under control.

The addiction to riding that magic carpet into a dream world has taken hold. Now, she could not live one day without visiting a fantastic new place, containing the most exciting and sometimes admittedly quirky characters that exist anywhere. Happiness these days, is fantasizing about the next great imaginary adventure.

Learn more about Tammy at:  Interview with Tammy on Linda Brooks Davis's Blog
Connect with the Author:


{Note:  Special thanks to Tammy for sharing the book blurb and her author's bio with us.}
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~Find This Book~


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