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Welcome to the Blog Tour & Giveaway for Her Hope Discovered by Cynthia Herron, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


HerHopeDiscovered Title: Her Hope Discovered  
Series: Welcome to Ruby #1  
Author: Cynthia Herron  
Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink  
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Release Date: December 31, 2018

Is the sure thing worth risking for the possibility of maybe?

Charla Winthrop, a savvy business woman seeking a permanent lifestyle change in small-town Ruby, learns that things aren’t always what they appear when she takes up residence in a house steeped in charm and a hint of mystery. Rumor has it that Sam Packard the town carpenter is her go-to guy for home remodeling, but can Charla convince him to help her—with no strings attached, of course?

Alone far too long, Sam’s prayed that God would send him a wife and a mother for his daughters. However, the new Ruby resident is hardly what he imagined. A new place to call “home,” the possibility of what might be, and the answer to someone’s prayers unite this unlikely pair with the help of the town’s residents.

Nestled in the Ozarks’ hills and hollows is Ruby, Missouri, a quaint, cozy town where “neighbor” is merely another word for “friend.” Ruby will charm and delight as will her quirky, lovable characters who will steal your heart, but hand it right back—with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Savor your new friends’ sorrows and successes in the community where offbeat is perfect and mishaps and mayhem never tasted so good.

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CH-7888 copy

Cynthia writes Heartfelt, Homespun Fiction from the beautiful Ozark Mountains. A hopeless romantic at heart, she enjoys penning stories about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. Her Hope Discovered, her début novel and the first in a three-book series, released December 2018 with Mountain Brook Ink.

'Cindy' has a degree in psychology and a background in social work. She is a member of ACFW, ACFW MozArks, and RWA.

She is a 2017 ACFW Genesis Finalist, a 2016 ACFW Genesis (Double) Finalist, and a 2015 ACFW First Impressions Winner. Her short story Words from the Heart appears in The Story Anthology (Karen Kingsbury/Family Fiction) via Salem Publications, 2014. Her work is represented by Sarah Freese at WordServe Literary.

Besides writing, Cindy enjoys spending time with family and friends. She has a fondness for gingerbread men, miniature teapots, and all things apple. She also adores a great cup of coffee and she never met a sticky note she didn’t like.

Cindy loves to connect with friends at her online home. She also hangs out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  

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JUNE: Welcome to 'Reading, Writing & Stitch-Metic', Cynthia. I'm delighted to have you as my special guest for this blog tour stop. Congratulations on your debut release, 'Her Hope Discovered', in December, 2018!

CYNTHIA: Thank you so much! I’m delighted to join you!

JUNE:  This book is the first in your 'Welcome to Ruby' series. Please tell us how you created your setting and developed the characters for this series. Are any of the characters or their personality traits or physical descriptions based on people you've come across in your own life?  If yes, what prompted you to include them in the 'Her Hope Discovered'?

CYNTHIA:  Because I grew up in Small-town, USA, I'm drawn to close-knit communities that offer just the right blend of nostalgia, humor, and homespun charm. Add to that my penchant for romance, conflict, and hope-filled endings, and HER HOPE DISCOVERED was born. It's the story that tugged my heartstrings, a story of second chances that became book one in my Welcome to Ruby series.

There are, indeed, traits and characteristics unique to my heritage and the Ozarkian culture. I wanted to include some of these things in my fictional characters and story so that readers from other walks of life could live vicariously through their new friends and neighbors.

JUNE:  Who is your favorite character in this story {or series}? Why is this person your favorite? Without spoiling the story {or series}, is there anyone in the story {or series} who you do not like? Why not?

CYNTHIA:  Well, of course, I love Sam and Charla, our main characters, but I also adore Ida Mae Hoscutt, local proprietress of the Come and Get It Diner. Ida Mae’s a colorful, down-home character who’s never met a stranger. She’s a total people-person and a woman I could easily sit down with and have a cup of coffee.

Someone I’m not particularly fond of? Hmm…

Charla’s mother, Ellen Winthrop, does try one’s patience with her sharp tongue and domineering ways…but she may redeem herself. Keep reading! 😊

JUNE:  You have won or been a finalist in a few recent ACFW {American Christian Fiction Writers} contests for unpublished authors. What did you learn from the experience of entering your work into a contest? What challenges did you face as you submitted your series for representation with WordServe Literary? What have you learned about the publishing business through your experience working with your publisher, Mountain Brook Ink?

CYNTHIA:  I wholeheartedly recommend writing contests as a way to improve a writer’s work and grow one’s craft. Through contests I entered, I learned discipline and resilience—two very important traits necessary to succeed in the world of publishing.

As far as literary representation, I’ve navigated the path for many years, so partnering with a like-minded agent was a blessing. Of course, it’s always a nail-biter once an author’s work is out on submission. That’s why communication and diligence are key in the author/agent relationship.

Working with Mountain Brook Ink is exactly what I’d hope it would be. MBI is a perfect blend of teamwork, cohesiveness, and fun—characteristics that make work a joy.

JUNE:  When you write a book, do you outline the entire story, or do you have a different way of organizing your plot, characters, etc.? Do you always know the ending of your story before you begin putting things down on paper, or into your computer?  Do you have any particular organizational tips that you'd like to pass along to other authors and aspiring authors? 

CYNTHIA:  As I write, I start with key scenes organized on colored note cards. I also use a semblance of an outline to make certain I stay on track with my story, but I do allow room for unforeseen moments to naturally unfold, too. I usually know my story’s end, but sometimes surprises happen.

To aspiring authors, I would say do keep track of character details, key scenes, and plot development however it suits you best. Not all writers are geared to write the same way. While I think it helps to have some sort of organizational method, don’t be afraid to think and work creatively and in a way that fits your personality.

JUNE:  On your website you share that you have a "fondness for gingerbread men, miniature teapots, and all things apple." I collect 'gingerbread men' decor for my kitchen because they are cheerful. Do you have collections which include gingerbread figures and miniature teapots? Do you like to bake gingerbread or gingerbread cookies? What are some of the apple dishes you bake?

CYNTHIA:  Oooh I love my little gingerbread men! On my laundry room wall, I have a gingerbread-themed border and my gingerbread men (and women) grace the space below it. They put me in my happy place. They make doing laundry fun!

I don’t have time to bake like I used to, but I do bake a mean apple pie every so often, and I can throw apple crisp together in a snap.

Would you believe…I’ve never made gingerbread cookies?! I’d love a great recipe though.

JUNE:  Are there any hobbies or interests you would like to pursue in the future?

CYNTHIA:  I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. That’s been on my bucket list for years. Of course, now heights scare me a little. I’d still like to try it just to conquer my fear. …And, too, writing great books will always be in my life-plan!

JUNE:  Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Cynthia. I appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us about your writing journey and other fun topics! Best wishes for you continued success in your writing endeavors. 

CYNTHIA:  Thank you for having me ~ I’ve so enjoyed our time together!

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Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.

Luke Schrock is a new and improved man after a stint in rehab, though everyone in Stoney Ridge only remembers the old Luke. They might have forgiven him, but nobody trusts him. He has been allowed to live at Windmill Farm under two conditions. First, he must make a sincere apology to each person he's hurt. Second, he must ask each victim of mischief to describe the damage he caused.

Simple, Luke thinks. Offering apologies is easy. But discovering the lasting effects his careless actions have caused isn't so simple. It's gut-wrenching.

And his list keeps growing. Izzy Miller, beautiful and frustratingly aloof, also boards at Windmill Farm, and Luke's clumsy efforts to befriend her only insult and annoy her. Eager to impress, Luke sets out to prove himself to her by locating her mother. When he does, her identity sends shock waves through Stoney Ridge.


"A funny, heartwarming story of friendship, love, and the possibility of happily ever after."--Amy Clipston, bestselling author of Seat by the Hearth

"Suzanne Woods Fisher has written a sweet and poignant story you won't want put down. Definitely a must read!"--Kathleen Fuller, bestselling author of the Amish of Birch Creek series

LINK TO EXCERPT {courtesy of the Publisher}:

Barnes & Noble

Suzanne's Website


Suzanne Woods Fisher is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than two dozen novels, including the Nantucket Legacy, Amish Beginnings, The Bishop's Family, and The Inn at Eagle Hill series. She is also the author of several nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace and The Heart of the Amish. She lives in California. Learn more at and follow Suzanne on Facebook @SuzanneWoodsFisherAuthor and Twitter @suzannewfisher.


I have read dozens of Amish romance novels in the past two decades or so, and this book is in my Top 5 of my favorites in this genre!

The story begins with the main male character, Luke Schrock, exhibiting arrogant, obnoxious, and self-centered behavior in just about every encounter he has with others. He is an alcoholic who has been in and out of rehab three times.

When he is released this time, he moves back to his Amish community to live with a middle-aged couple, Amos and Fern Lapp, who believe it is their mission to help individuals who are struggling with in their lives and/or battling inside themselves with addiction issues and questions about their faith and place/purpose in the world.

The lead female, Izzie Miller, has demons of her own. She and Luke clash over and over again throughout the story as they each try to find their way in the world without relying on alcohol to ease their pain. It seems as if both of these characters take two or three steps backward for every step they take forward for much of the book.

As always, this author has built a strong setting in this first installment of her 'The Deacon's Family' series. Her characters are flawed, believable individuals who deal with real life problems--even though they are followers, were once followers, or want to be followers of the Amish faith.

This book kept my attention from page one until the last word. The last few chapters of the book were extremely fast-paced as secret after secret was revealed, mystery after mystery was solved, and question after question was answered. The author's plot was masterful, and she has crafted one of the finest pieces of Amish fiction I have ever read.

I plan to read this novel again in the future, and I will definitely be seeking to read more books written by this fabulous author!

Highly-recommended to fans of Amish fiction, Amish romance, historical fiction, clean romance, clean fiction, and fiction where issues of addiction are addressed in a straight-forward and accurate/realistic manner.

 Disclosure from blogger: I received a paperback copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review to be posted on my blog and on retailer sites and Goodreads. I received no compensation for my review or posts here or on any other site.

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--  A Middle-Grade Historical Novel  --
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'RES-Q Tyler Stop' is set in the small, rural, fictional town of Tyler Stop in Sonoma County, California, in the summer of 1968. Eleven year-old Weston Gregg is a bright, curious young man who loves animals and spending time in nature.

When Weston and his nine year-old sister, Wendy, discover some abandoned rabbits at the county fairgrounds, their goal is to save the stressed bunnies no matter what they have to do. Soon the siblings discover more and more need in their town for someone who will step up to take care of unwanted or injured animals. They decide to open an animal rescue organization on their family's rural property.

Weston faces some personal challenges during the story—racial prejudice targeting some of his friends, a serious injury caused by his own impulsive decision, and the on-going trauma of dealing with a same-gender bully at his school, Terry Orsini. With the support of his family, a new friend, his teacher, and his classmates and school friends, Weston faces the obstacles he encounters with courage, honesty, and integrity.

Unfortunately, one problem which simply will not go away is the school bully, Terry Orsini, who seems to be on a mission to make Weston's life as miserable and difficult as possible. Will Weston ever be able to relax and enjoy his life again? Will Weston always have to worry about what Terry has in store for him next?

**NOTE FROM JUNE: This book is completely clean in language and content.

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   Cover design by Author Cindy C. Bennett
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ABOUT THE BOOK {from Goodreads}:

A nation in need of hope, the most powerful rocket ever launched, and the first three men to break the bounds of Earth: Apollo 8 was headed to the moon.

In 1957, when the USSR launched Sputnik I, the first man-made satellite to orbit Earth, America's rival in the Cold War claimed victory on a new frontier. The Space Race had begun, and the United States was losing. Closer to home, a decade of turbulence would soon have Americans reeling, with the year 1968 alone seeing the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy as well as many violent clashes between police and protesters. Americans desperately needed something good to believe in, and NASA's mission to orbit Earth in Apollo 8 and test a lunar landing module was being planned for the end of the year. But with four months to go and the module behind schedule, the CIA discovered that the USSR was preparing to send its own mission around the moon -- another crucial victory in the Space Race -- and it was clearly time for a change of plan. In a volume full of astonishing full-color photographs, including the iconic Earthrise photo, Martin W. Sandler unfolds an incredible chapter in U.S. history: Apollo 8 wouldn't just orbit Earth, it would take American astronauts to see the dark side of the moon.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR {from Goodreads}:
Martin W. Sandler has written more than seventy books for children and adults and has written and produced seven television series. He has twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and has won multiple Emmy Awards. He lives in Massachusetts.


This book includes all the elements that make up S.T.E.A.M. education!
  • Science: Astronomy, Physics, Rocket Science, Geology, etc.
  • Technology: Computer Science, etc.
  • Engineering: Rocket and Space Module Design, etc.
  • Arts: Photography
  • Mathematics: Many types

Beginning with President John F. Kennedy's 'space race' speech before Congress on May 25, 1961, this book provides a thorough history of what was happening in America and around the globe in the 1950s and 1960s. It also includes a detailed history of space travel and rocket science. Biographies of space pioneers in the areas of engineering, rocketry, and space travel are included.

A narrative about what had happened in the United States in 1968 with the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy; the Tet Offensive in South Vietnam which killed four thousand American soldiers; and the violence betweeen protesters and law enforcement at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago stresses the traumas and tragedies the American people had suffered throughout this tubulent year.

These events set the foundation for readers to understand the importance and urgency of the Apollo 8 flight in late December, 1968. The Apollo 8 flight would be different from any other American or Russian manned spaceflights. It would be launched by the largest, most powerful rocket ever designed--Saturn V--and would attempt to become the first flight to allow humans to break free from Earth's force and head for the moon.

Readers are treated to a blow-by-blow chronology of the pre-flight, flight, and post-flight happenings for the Apollo 8 mission. In the 'Epilogue', the author gives an update of the American space program following this historic mission.

The back matter includes a very interesting section entitled, 'Life After Apollo 8', where portraits of the three crew members of Apollo 8 are presented along with their accomplishments after the space flight. Other back matter elements include: 'Source Notes', 'Bibliography', 'Index', and 'Acknowledgments'.

A highlight of the book for me was the stunning array of astonishing photographs taken by the crew members of Apollo 8 when they were in flight. The black & white and color photographs of the earth and the moon are spectacular! Most of them were shots I had never seen before. Even after I finished reading the book I looked at the photographs several more times. Wow!

There is a wide assortment of photos which young readers will find interesting and inspiring. Close-ups of the Saturn V rocket; interior and exterior shots of the Apollo 8 unit and the flight simulator used by the astronauts for training; in-flight photos of the astronauts; and color photos of the splashdown in the Pacific Ocean 1,000 miles southwest of Hawaii.

The book contains a lot of technical information and higher-level vocabulary and thinking skills, so I feel it may be more appropriate for upper middle-grade students.

Highly-recommended for readers of all ages who are fans of rocketry, space travel, US history, US space travel history, astronauts, astronomy, and photography!

To read more Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday posts, visit Greg Pattridge's 'Always in the Middle' blog at:  Always in the Middle

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