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Reviews for 'RES-Q Tyler Stop, Tyler Stop Series Book 1' -- A Middle-Grade Historical Adventure Novel --

"Adventure has no end in this tale, where a heart for animals inspires and surprises await around every bend. . . . The characters and the situations they face come across realistic, and the scenes develop naturally. Not only does the author keep a nice paced plot rolling along but adds interesting and practical information about animals and ways to handle certain situations along the way. It makes for a fun mix of fiction and fact.

This appears to be the first book in the series, and I’m eager to see where the RES-Q Tyler Stop adventures will head to next." ~ Tonja Drecker, Author of Music Boxes

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" . . . Issues of race, respect, and doing the right thing come across strong. This would make a good read-aloud in the classroom or at home, followed by a discussion of the many themes." ~ Greg Pattridge, Blogger & Writer at Always in the Middle. 

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"Any animal-loving reader is immediately pulled into this story that takes place in the fictional town of Tyler Stop in Sonoma County, California, in 1968. The main character, Weston, who is eleven years old, along with his sister, Wendy, nine, initiate the rescue of some rabbits who have apparently been abandoned at the county fair. This successful venture leads the children to create an animal rescue operation with the help of their parents, the local vet, and many people in the town. It is touching to read about Wendy and Weston’s enthusiasm for their cause. The children face several obstacles along the way. I enjoyed reading about a town coming together as a result of these two young children and their dedication to helping animals.
The story has a significant sub-plot that involves bullying and discrimination. These difficult subjects are treated thoughtfully.

The author wraps up the story up nicely, and then at the last minute we see Weston encounter another difficult situation. We will have to wait for the next book to see how he solves this one. I look forward to more animal rescue adventures in Tyler Stop!" ~ Connie Dow, Author of A-Z With Energy
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Reviews for 'Robin's Reward' --

~ "It's a cute Christian love story with an unexpected villain, and a sweet, old-fashioned charm that made me fall in love with Robin and Jeff. I love the pacing of the story that matches the meandering near-utopia of Bonita Creek. If you like Christian romance, don't miss this one." Author Cindy C. Bennett, 'The End of Feeling', 'Heart on a Chain', 'Immortal Mine', and many more.

~ "I finished reading 'Robin's Reward' yesterday, and how I enjoyed the story!! Your characters are great. . . . so well defined and interesting. . . . You have done a TERRIFIC job of writing, and I'm anxious to read the next two books. . . . CONGRATULATIONS on writing a beautiful story. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it!!!" Nancy, a reader from California.

~ " “Robins Reward” is as rich as a triple-layered chocolate cake—every detail meticulously constructed to create a decadent dessert. Ms. Jacobs successfully forms a three-dimensional environment that allows the reader to experience her story." InD'Tale Magazine, June 2015 Issue. Reviewer: Sofia St. Angeles. Read the full review at:

~ "Robin's Reward, a sweet romance with great characters, is as refreshing as a walk among flowers." Author Rebecca H. Jamison, Sense & Sensibility: A Latter-Day Tale.

~ "Robin's Reward was a very pleasant book to read because it is a clean romance and free from foul language. . . . I liked the plot in this book. . . . The plot twists and turns created by two of the characters made for a very interesting storyline. . . . I liked the character development in the main characters in this novel, and knowing that this is just the first book in a trilogy, I'll be curious to see further character growth among these characters and to new ones that are added. I thought that Jeff and Robin were quite realistic. Neither were perfect, though they did both have a lot going for them. The most important thing was that they were both relying on the Lord to help get them through their crises and difficult times. . . . " Kathryn @ Kathryn's Shelf Full of Books.

~ "I really enjoyed reading this cute book. I loved Robin, I love how she likes to work in her garden and I found myself thinking that she was not unlike her plants, she's hardy and resilient, able to cope with all of the challenges her life brings in a graceful way. . . . There are some of the other characters in this book that I really hope to see again, Robin's cousin Penny and her friend Jorie, in particular, they are such great characters and I hope they get a happy ending sometime. I really liked the town in this book, it's a small town and the way the book is written, it almost becomes a character in itself. . . . This book is a cute romance, I loved the sweet romance that Jeff and Robin shared. . . . I completely loved the ending! And I want to know just what happens next for Robin and Jeff." Cathy @ My Book a Day Blog.

~ "4 STARS--Robin's Reward is a romance with lots of drama, emotion and small town. It is a clean read. It does mention faith, prayer and God in a realistic way. . . . Robin Bennett is a small town of Bonita Creek’s librarian. (My dream job.) She has had some tough breaks. I really like and admire her. She is making a difference in her town. . . . This is the second book that I have read by June McCrary Jacobs and I have enjoyed both and look forward to reading more from her in the future." Rhonda @ Readalot-Rhonda Blog.

~ ". . . Jacobs did an exceptional job developing Robin’s character and creating the internal dialogue Robin has with herself." Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders.

~ "My thoughts: This is a sweet story of two people trying to connect. It's a great, darling story that is perfect to curl up with on a rainy day (which has been what today has been like!). I enjoyed the author's novella before this and found that she did a wonderful job writing a full length story!" Amanda @ Inklings & Notions.

~ "This is a clean, sweet Christian romance story. . . . Their romance is not without problems caused by people from her past. Plus we have Robin's insecurity in herself and being able to trust throwing a wrench into things. But true love perseveres! . . . I enjoyed the story and hope that maybe June will write a story about Penny and Jorie and maybe even Doug! There are even parts that made me laugh out loud. " Leslie @ StoreyBook Reviews.
Reviews for 'Handmade Hearts' --

💗 A touching and sweet story! So glad the author decided to share her aunt and uncle's story with us readers as it made me smile. It encouraged me that healing can always happen in our hearts, even if it takes time. Plus, it was fun too. :) Recommended to readers looking for a touching short romantic story! ~Laura G., Amazon Reviewer

💗 This delightful short story is based on a true WWII romance. It tells of the relationship that develops between a wounded soldier and a home front young woman who is grieving a terrible loss while shouldering the responsibility of providing for her family.

The author shows that, with love and understanding, hearts can heal, even under the most trying of circumstances. There is a significant meaning to the title Handmade Hearts that makes this tale a tender and inspirational read. ~Patti S., Amazon Reviewer

💗 "What a lovely tribute to your aunt and uncle. It was a joy to read! . . . I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your story and thank you again for sharing it with me. ~Sandy, Reader from California

 💗 "It's a great story!" ~Laura A., Reader in Minnesota

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