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Welcome to my second book in her sewing skill series for children released on September 22nd, 2020! This book includes 3 patterns for Hanukkah sewing projects plus a bonus project readers can use to help a younger child make a Dreidel Table Pouch using glue instead of a needle and thread.

This 'Kids Love to Stitch' sewing book was written for children ages 7 to 12. In the book, readers will learn how to:

To make these patterns user-friendly for children around the world, all patterns include the measurements in Imperial and Metric. The instructions for these
three Hanukkah Projects include detailed cutting and sewing instructions with stepped-out photos to aid readers as they learn to sew. There is a Glossary of sewing terms used in the book.

Projects 1 and 2 are gift card holders in the shapes of a Dreidel and a Star of David, respectively. They are decorated with felt appliques for Project 1 and a pocket for Project 2.

Project 3, a 'Dreidel Table Pouch', is a festive felt pouch/pocket decorated with buttons in the shape of a candle. Perfect for holding party favors, treats, goodies, or tableware (napkin, fork, spoon, and knife) for a party or Hanukkah celebration.

** A bonus project which uses glue instead of a needle and thread is a felt Dreidel Table Pouch with a felt candle and flame instead of the buttons used in Project 3 above.

The book includes a link to download and print the patterns included in the book.

*Please note: This pattern is intended for and may be used for home use only. Purchase of this pattern book does not give the user permission to make this design for sale and/or profit.

As many of you know, I love to sew and design sewing projects. I have been fortunate enough to have over one hundred and twenty of my original sewing projects published in magazines and books and on sewing industry blogs over the past twelve years.

I  learned to sew by hand when I was eight years old. I learned how to sew a button on a scrap of fabric, then I moved on to the running stitch. From there I was able to make doll clothes, doll blankets, stuffed animals, and small gifts for friends and family.

When I was eleven years old I learned how to sew on my Grandma McCrary's 1967 Brother machine. Here's a photo of that machine--I still have it!

In junior high and high school I took every sewing class offered. After I graduated from college, I began taking quilting classes. Now I enjoy sewing, quilting, hand-embroidery, and most other needlecraft techniques.

In the autumn of 2019, I began publishing pattern books for sale in the Kindle Store on Amazon. The first six pattern books I wrote were written for adults. My longtime dream has been to write sewing books for children, ages seven to twelve.
This, 'Picnic Projects', book is my first sewing book for children. It was released on July 12th, 2020.
Here's a little about the book:
The book includes a Glossary, lots of stepped-out photos, and a link for readers to follow to download and print the simple patterns included in the book.
The Projects:
-- Picnic Pouch:  This pouch can be used as a holder for flatware, napkin, etc., at a party or picnic; or it can be used to hold favors such as treats, goodies, party favors, etc.

--  TIC-TAC-TOE Game & Storage Bag:



"The title says it all! 'Kids Love to Stitch' -- A wonderful selection of great picnic sewing projects for children! Highly recommend." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"What I really liked about this book is that June devotes a good amount of the book to basic sewing instructions, including safety instructions. Her advice on not listening or watching something else while sewing is very good, especially for beginners!

Her two projects are simple and easy for beginning sewers. I’m partial to the star pocket, which would be great for holding silverware for summer barbecues, but I probably would've kept my collection of shells in it as a kid. The tic-tac-toe game provides hours of crafting and playing.

Books that teach how to make things are important. Working with your hands is very rewarding and satisfying, and the more digital life becomes, the more important it is to find ways to work with our hands. The ability to sew is a great life skill that can also save money.

So if you have a kid in your life that needs something to keep them busy this summer or you think would enjoy learning a new skill, check out June's new book." ~ Blogger Jenni Enzor



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