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--  'THE LINEN GOD'  --
By Author Jim O'Shea
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the linen god Title: The Linen God  
Author: Jim O'Shea  
Publisher: Ambassador International  
Release Date: March 31, 2018  
Genre: Inspirational Suspense/Thriller  

The Shroud of Turin is the most studied and controversial religious relic in human history.

The ancient linen cloth bears the image of a man, alleged to be that of Jesus of Nazareth. What if it were real? What if it contained a secret powerful enough to alter the course of human history? And what if it fell into the wrong hands?

Manny Lusum is convinced the Shroud is the genuine article and obsessed with proving it scientifically. Grace Barden is not only Manny's best friend, but also secretly in love with the physics student and soon-to-be Catholic priest. Across the globe, three grisly murders and the theft of a secret manuscript thrust Grace and Manny into a generations-old conspiracy of biblical proportions. From New York to Rome to the inner sanctum of the Vatican, they struggle to untangle a bizarre mystery surrounding the controversial artifact.

In a dramatic confrontation between faith and the ultimate evil on the world stage, Grace and Manny are pushed to the edge of an abyss, balanced on the brink between heaven and hell.

This suspenseful and captivating thriller is perfect for fans of Dan Brown, John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, and David Baldacci. Order your copy today and experience a unique blend of history, science, conscience, religion and a battle of good versus evil that will keep you reading into the early morning hours!

“ . . . a wonderfully engaging, page-turning thriller.” —Doug Peterson, Award Winning Author of The Vanishing Woman and The Puzzle People

“Are you crazy? Why would you risk getting us tossed out of here? This exhibition comes to New York once every million years, and you risk it for a picture of an old rag, when you can buy one anywhere? And what was wrong with your phone’s camera—even though that’s not allowed either.”

“For some reason,” he said, trying to ignore the subtle scent of lilac wafting up at him, “the Vatican doesn’t allow the public to photograph the Shroud. Ever. I want to know why.”

Squinting up at him, she said, “Couldn’t your dad get you access? With all the money he gives the Church, he must have connections.”

He sighed. He respected the man who’d raised him, perhaps even loved him. “I didn’t want any special treatment.”

“Okay, fine, so you risk this. Tell me why you need a photograph of your very own?”

He leaned against the wall so that he could watch in both directions. This probably wasn’t the best time for a lecture, but if he wanted her help, she’d need to understand. “An amateur photographer named Secondo Pia took the first photo of the Shroud of Turin in 1898. He—”

A young boy scampered into the alcove, turning only at a sharp command from his father. Manny waited until they were alone again and turned his gaze to Grace’s familiar blue eyes. They sparkled, even under this recessed lighting.

What had he been talking about? Oh, right.

“As the story goes,” he continued, “Pia was stunned when he saw the exposed plate in his darkroom. The negative gave the appearance of a positive image, like this one.” He pointed to the Shroud picture on a poster. “Although the Shroud had been around for hundreds of years, no one had seen this image prior to 1898. The positive image implies that the Shroud itself is effectively a negative of some kind.”

“How did the image get on the cloth?”

“That’s the hundred-thousand-dollar question. There are lots of theories, but I’m pursuing one I believe holds some serious water.”

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jim o'shea

Jim is a long-time resident of Chesterfield, Missouri…“The City of Sculptures”. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri in Columbia and now spends his time crafting novels of suspense that tackle the complex relationship between science and religion, stories designed to take the reader places he or she may not have previously considered.  

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