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'BOUNCE BACK' by Dr. Bridgette Jenkins 
Tour Dates:  June 4-29, 2018
Publication Date: May 19, 2018  
Genre: Inspirational Non-Fiction
'Bounce Back' will encourage you to be intentional about facing adversity and challenges while staying positive about your situation. With practicality, wisdom and experience, Dr. Bridgette shares strategies and tips that can be used to help you Bounce Back from any negative life situation. After reading this book, and applying the practical Bounce Back tips, you will be able to withstand, recover from and overcome any challenge you might face in life. 
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~ Introducing Dr. Bridgette Jenkins ~
Dr. Bridgette is a doctorally prepared registered nurse who specializes in education and community health. She has a heart for nursing students and those struggling to reach their education and career goals. She serves as mentor and coach to nurses and nursing students as they matriculate through the nursing profession. She is the owner of Health Education Institute where she teaches lifesaving courses to healthcare providers and the public. She also offers a variety of courses to healthcare providers to help them stay current on updates and changes within the healthcare arena. Dr. Bridgette also speaks at churches and community events on various health issues that are prevalent among vulnerable populations. She is the CEO/President of the Houston Chapter of Black Nurses Rock, a nonprofit organization committed to changing the lives of the citizens in the Houston area and surrounding communities through service and education. Bridgette resides in Houston, Texas, where she’s actively involved in her church and community. She is a mother to three adult children and a miniature schnauzer named Dallas. She is also MiMi to two adorable grandsons.  

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Psalm 145:14 MSG

“GOD gives a hand to those down on their luck, gives a fresh start to those ready to quit.”


Acknowledging that you have experienced a setback is key to your recovery. No one is immune from being subject to challenges and setbacks. Acknowledging where you are and what you’ve experienced can jumpstart the process to recovery. 

Understand that the road to recovery is a process! Pretending you aren’t disappointed, angry, sad, or frustrated won’t make the issues you are facing go away. We severely hinder our ability to recover when we sweep things under the rug or dig our heads in the sand and pretend as if nothing ever happened. If your true intention is to heal and move forward, YOU MUST acknowledge your feelings and emotions about the situation. 

To acknowledge simply means to accept or admit the existence or truth of a matter or a thing. To admit, accept, grant, allow, concede, accede, confess, own. To recognize the fact, importance or quality of a matter or a thing.

When you acknowledge your feelings, you give yourself permission to feel whatever it is that you are feeling, at that moment. You learn that embracing your feelings, instead of suppressing them, allows the energy of those feelings to “pass through” you. When you suppress your feelings, they tend to linger and appear in unexpected and unwelcomed places! What you’ve experienced does not define who you are! Everything we experience has its place of importance in our lives. All our experiences, whether positive or negative, help to form the essence of who we really are - our authentic selves. 

Just because you’ve undergone a setback does not mean you should throw in the towel. The fact that you made it to the other side says that you have an inner strength you probably weren’t aware you possessed. Without hesitation, I can say, “The only one standing between your recovery and your greatness is YOU! 

In our lifetime, all of us will face the turbulent winds of change, challenges, shifts and setbacks. How we weather the storms of adversity will determine what happens in the aftermath. You don’t have to wait. You can embrace the fresh wind of acknowledgement today - this very moment - if you so choose! A setback, though not an easy thing to endure, should not always be considered negative. I suggest you take a different look at your situation and your circumstances. Own the moment! New scenery is just beyond the scope of your current view.
“The first step on the path to positive change is acknowledging that change is necessary and possible. Open yourself to the possibility of seeing the world in a new way. What do you have to lose?” —Alex Blackwell 

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