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--  'CRAFT SKILLS' and
'ART SKILLS' from the
Super Skills series  --

ABOUT THE BOOK {from Goodreads}: Provides readers with step-by-step instructions to create innovative crafts using everyday household items. Outlines Origami, weaving, papier-mache, and many more fun and easy crafts for children of all ages and abilities. Encourages readers to try all kinds of media and expand their skills. Lists potential careers for crafters.

ABOUT THE BOOK {from Goodreads}:

Provides easy-to-follow instructions for many creative art projects including: perspective drawing, photo collage, watercolor painting, and many more. Helps readers develop important artistic skills in a fun and engaging format.

The format of this pair of middle-grade hands-on S.T.E.A.M. education books is the same. Well-organized and easy-to-follow including stepped-out project instructions with some photos and detailed illustrations/diagrams.

Both books present excellent back matter:  What Next?, Glossary, Useful Websites, and an Index. 

The 'What Next?' sections include information on how readers can explore the world to discover more about crafts and art, respectively. Readers are encouraged to try new things. One of my favorite sections of each book was the 'Careers' blurb which listed 'Careers in Crafts' or 'Artistic Careers', respectively.

I was impressed when I read the list of artistic careers because the author included being an architect, florist, animator, art teacher, furniture maker, and stonemason--some of which I had never considered as career possibilities for lovers of art. {Proving yet again that you can teach 'old' dogs like me new tricks.}

In the crafts book, the author included fashion designer {hats, shoes, bags}, theater prop designer, sports car designer, and makers of stained glass windows and musical instruments as career possibilities for crafters. {See above for disclaimer about old dogs/new tricks!}

Some of the projects in each book include pertinent historical information about the technique(s) being presented. For example, in the 'Easy Weaving' chapter in the Craft Skills book, reference is made to the Native American Navajo rugs and blankets and a photo of an actual hand-woven Navajo blanket is shown.

In the Art Skills book I enjoyed the 'Seeing Spots' project because it discussed one my favorite French artists, George Seurat and his pointillism technique. A reprint of his painting, The Circus, is shown in the Super Facts sidebar.

There are many memorable and fun projects in each of these books. Readers are encouraged to use recycled materials found around most homes and inexpensive arts and crafts supplies such as glue, paint brushes, paint, etc.

Highly recommended for teachers, parents/grandparents, youth group/scout/camp leaders, and crafters and artists of all ages! I think this would be a really fun pair of books to use for parties and events and for snowy/rainy/stay-indoors kinds of days!

I borrowed these books from the children's section in the local public library.

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  1. These sound like loads of fun. I'll look for them at our public library. Thanks for sharing them today.

    {Comment originally from Greg Pattridge at 'Always in the Middle'. Somehow it was deleted instead of approved when I inadvertently clicked the wrong button on the Comments Moderation page! Sorry, Greg.}.

  2. I would have loved these books as a tween. I loved creating and making crafts! Great gift books too!

  3. I love books like these and am always happy to find such books for this age group. Thanks for these reviews.



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