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ABOUT THE BOOK {from Goodreads}:

Messy crafts have met their match with these 72 creations that keep out the clutter and mess but pack in the fun and creativity.

When craft time rolls around, parents usually cringe at the thought of a creativity storm’s aftermath. Glue, glitter, globs of paint—it all adds up to Mom and Dad assisting (let’s be honest, doing everything) with cleanup. But Debbie Chapman—the supermom behind One Little Project —keeps that freshly cleaned kitchen table in mind with tips to keep these tutorials as mess-free as possible. With tricks like twisting pipe cleaners into fun shapes to avoid glue and using brightly colored cups and patterned paper to avoid paint, Debbie shows that keeping it simple doesn’t mean play time has to be less fun.

Low-Mess Crafts for Kids brings parents and caretakers solutions to the craft time conundrum. As well as being low-mess, all 72 of these awesome projects feature everyday items like pipe cleaners, pom poms and clothespins, which make playtime a cinch. And with step-by-step pictures, kids of any age can create something they can be proud of.

Watch as little ones create their own enchanting worlds—whether they want to explore outer space with a Paper Plate Flying Saucer, race cars on a Poster Board Road Track, or create a whimsical fairy city with Paper Roll Fairy Houses, each craft promises to spark your child’s imagination while leaving you stress free and ready to play along.


This book is organized into nine child-friendly and engaging themes:

--My Secret Garden
--Under the Sea
--Summer at the Beach
--Animals at the Zoo
--Little Monsters Puppet Show
--On the Road
--Exploring Outer Space
--Let's Go Camping – My favorite
--Fairy Tale Dress Up

The introduction is about 'Building Up Your Craft Stash'. The author encourages the use of recyclable materials whenever possible.

*Safety Note:  I personally have a safety concern re glue guns for children. The author mentions low-temperature glue guns for independent use by children because they aren't as hot as regular glue guns. However, I have burned my fingers many times by touching the hot glue or glue gun inadvertently. I don't recommend allowing kids as young as age three to use guns as the author does. I'd advise they wait until a child is at least eight years old or so. Adults supervising these activities will obviously have to make their own decisions about this issue.

Each chapter features a 'Low-Mess Tip' before the projects are presented. Tips include:  'Keep It Simple', 'Organize Your Craft Supplies', 'Use Washable Art Supplies', etc.

Each project includes a level of difficulty rated on a scale of 1 to 5. and then states: Parental Supervision is Required/or Not Required. The author offers a couple of suggestions to make project less messy and/or less expensive. For example--Use colored paper instead of painting a cardboard tube to make your project.

Materials and tools are listed in a color-coded box at the top of the instructions list for each project.

Each project includes good stepped-out instructions with photos.

*My favorite projects in this book include:   

--Clothespin Shark {opens and closes shark's mouth when child squeezes and releases a spring-loaded clothespin}. Kids will love this project!

--Coral Reef with DIY Crystals:  Uses popular science experiment with borax in water to grow crystals on pipe cleaner coral plants. An amazing way to use science to create art.

--The entire set of 'Little Monsters Puppet Show' projects are awesome. Projects include hand puppets made using socks, rubber gloves, soft gloves, pipe cleaners, beads on string – very appealing to youngsters!

--Tissue Box Fire Truck:  What child does not like making something they can push around on the floor or on a table/bookshelf/bed, etc.? This project exhibited an excellent use of recycled materials to make a fun plaything. Will be a big hit with girls and boys alike.

*My favorite chapter:  'Let's Go Camping'. Fun play set to make includes trees, tents, snakes, campfire, people, ladybug, frog, and my favorite project in the entire book—a craft stick {I still call them popsicle sticks!} picnic table!

The back matter includes a list of supplies for each chapter along with a detailed index.

Highly-recommended for teachers, librarians,  youth group/scout leaders, child care providers, parents/grandparents, and teens who want to work with younger children to make projects kids will enjoy making and playing with for hours on end!

I borrowed this book from the non-fiction section of the new book shelf in the children's section of the local public library.


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  1. What a great idea. The projects sound like fun for both kids and parents. Thanks for sharing this one!

    1. Hello, Greg ~ It's always my pleasure to save great S.T.E.A.M. books for MMGM! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. What a clever craft book that both kids and parents will enjoy -- with little mess. I lived for books like this as a kid. Loved crafts!

    1. Hi, Patricia ~ Glad you enjoyed this book. I've been a crafter my entire life, too. Thanks for visiting my blog for MMGM!

  3. You find the best craft books for kids. I just ordered this up from my local library so I can take a look. Thanks for the recommendation.



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