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ABOUT THE BOOK {from Goodreads}:

Independent readers will learn all about nature's most amazing builders in this new leveled reader from National Geographic Kids. Meet brilliant birds, inventive insects, ocean architects--and more!

Ever wondered why beavers build dams? Or how spiders weave their intricate webs? In this reader, you'll meet brilliant birds inventive insects, and amazing mammals that all share a special skill. Packed with beautiful and engaging photos, this leveled reader introduces kids to the most extreme engineers of the animal kingdom.

National Geographic Readers' expert-vetted text, along with brilliant images and a fun to approach to reading, have proved to be a winning formula with kids, parents, and educators. Level 2 text provides accessible, yet wide-ranging, information for kids ready to read on their own, perfect to encourage the engineers and explorers of tomorrow!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR {from Goodreads}:

Libby Romero worked as a teacher and a journalist before dedicating herself to becoming an author.


I like the National Geographic Kids books because they are colorful, factual, and well-organized. When I saw the cover of this book I chuckled because I thought of the old saying, 'Busy as a beaver'.

This book is divided into nine chapters including Master Builders, Busy Birds, Spinning Spiders, Ants and Termites, Bees and Wasps, etc. Each chapter includes several of the types of color photographs National Geographic is known for presenting in their magazines and books. There are sidebars with vocabulary words, statistics, 'Weird But True' facts, and some fun Q & A puns, riddles, and jokes.

I'm not a huge fan of insects and spiders, but I was fascinated by the net-casting spider and the trapdoor spider's architectural abilities! The ants and termites and bees are likewise master architects. The Ocean Architects chapter was of special interest to me because I've been watching a series on PBS titled, 'Big Pacific'. Some of the same amazing architects on the show are included in this book--the male pufferfish, decorator crabs, and corals.

Back matter includes a 'Quiz Whiz' quiz about the facts in the book, a picture Glossary, and an Index. The back cover includes a website listing for so learns can join in the National Geographic Kids Super Reader club.

Recommended for teachers, librarians, parents/grandparents, science clubs, zoo camp leaders, and adults {such as I} with an insatiable interest in learning things about the world around them that they missed {or forgot} when they were a middle-grade student!

I borrowed a copy of this hardcover book from the non-fiction New Books shelves in the children's collection of the local public library.


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  1. National Geographic KIDS has some of the best non-fiction titles and this one sounds great. Thanks for telling us about it and I'll be looking for ANIMAL ARCHITECTS at my library.

  2. I've never seen a NatGeoKids book I didn't enjoy. This looks like a good one. Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. Kids will love this - they love fun facts! And - so do I!

  4. I love NGK readers! Especially the quality of the photos.

  5. I still remember clearly the book I read as an early reader about Beavers and how they build dams. I'll bet this one would thrill me all the way to my toes! Thanks for the recommendation, and happy MMGM!

  6. I'm not a fan of spiders and bugs either. Sounds like a fun read for a kid who likes learning about these things.

  7. My favorite books to give my grandson -- he would love this one. Always so much information and gorgeous photography.



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