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Dream Horse Adventures Blog Blitz

Welcome to the Blog Blitz and Giveaway for Dream Horse Adventures series by Susan Count, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Mary's Song Title: Mary's Song
Series: Dream Horse Adventures #1
Author: Susan Count
Publisher: Hastings Creations
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
Release Date: October 13, 2016

A young artist falls in love with a foal that is lame, just like her. The expensive surgery the foal needs has little chance to correct the problem. Still Mary plots and conspires to raise money to save the horse, even as time runs out.

She sacrifices what she holds dear - the trust of her papa, to gain her heart's desire. But she could lose everything in her struggle to save the foal.

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Selah's Sweet Dream Title: Selah's Sweet Dream
Series: Dream Horse Adventures #2
Author: Susan Count
Publisher: Hastings Creations
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
Release Date: December 15, 2015

Twelve-year-old Selah’s quest to be equestrian superstar is impossible without a horse. Then she spots buzzards circling in the grasslands behind Grandpa’s farm. They’re stalking a horse trapped in wire and Selah is its only hope. But the mare she rescues might be a bigger challenge to her dream than not having a horse at all.

An old friend of Grandpa’s and a world renowned horse trainer offers to work with the wild and defiant mare. Selah jumps at the opportunity. She trains with a fierce determination to equal the equestrian talent of the deceased grandmother who instilled the love of horse in her. But when the horse causes mayhem at the trainer’s facility, he sends them home. Selah must gather her courage and face up to the trainer or watch her dreams gallop away.

Clouds slipped over the moon as if a child was playing with the lights of the world. One second it was dark like coal tar, and then almost bright enough to read a book. The clouds held no promise of rain, only beauty and entertainment. The whistle of the northbound train traveled crisply through the woods.

Selah sat curled up in a folding camp chair, just outside the stall but near the hay bucket. Her eyes were the only thing moving as she sucked in every detail, every movement, and every twitch of the black mare. Skunk slept soundly at the foot of the chair.

The mare stayed an easy, comfortable distance away from Selah all evening. Still, the horse’s eyes, and at least one ear, remained riveted on her new little friend with cream-colored hair.

“She is watching me, thinking carrots could appear at any time.”

Grandpa stared at Selah from the house and sighed. Stepping out on the porch, he tried to draw her into the house without putting his foot down too hard. “Selah, it’s time for bed. Come on in now.”

“Okay, Grandpa. I’m coming,” Selah answered without moving. “Just a few more minutes with my dream.”

From deep inside Selah, a yawn started and engulfed her whole being. With a Texas-sized exhale, she slipped from her chair onto the barn floor, where she nestled next to Skunk. Selah gathered under her head some of the hay that had filtered down from the net. The sleeping dog dreamed in the soft sand beside her. In spite of Selah’s great effort, she was losing the battle to stay awake. “What should I name you? Hum... You feel like a song in my heart,” she whispered as her eyes curtained.

Grandpa brought a small blanket out of the house for his sleepy girl. Selah kept her eyes closed and pretended not to hear him coming. Skunk raised her head as he approached. He rubbed under her chin, and then draped the blanket over a curled-up Selah. Selah’s cat, Pearl, drifted soundlessly toward the pile of sleepers in the sand to take her rightful place next to Selah. “Sweet dreams for now, girls. I’m afraid you’re in for broken hearts tomorrow.”

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Selah's Painted Dream Title: Selah's Painted Dream
Series: Dream Horse Adventures #3
Author: Susan Count
Publisher: Hastings Creations
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
Release Date: May 7, 2018

Unless thirteen-year-old Selah can convince Grandpa she should live at the farm, her life is ruined. She'll be forced to move hours from her horse and abandon her equestrian dreams.

Determined to stay, Selah must distract Grandpa from his new sweetheart. She searches for a painted dream horse from Grandpa's past. But, Selah finds his old equine partner neglected and near death.

Then Grandpa reveals his life changing decision that tramples Selah's plans. Will the one thing that stood in Selah's way become her saving grace?

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Selah's Stolen Dream Title: Selah's Stolen Dream
Series: Dream Horse Adventures #4
Author: Susan Count
Publisher: Hastings Creations
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
Release Date: March 1, 2020

One girl’s victory is another’s tragic defeat.

Thirteen-year-old Selah’s perfect life unravels when her beloved horse is stolen. Then ten-year-old Emma buys the dream of a lifetime at a horse auction. When she learns the horse was stolen, even removing her hearing aid won’t drown out the voice telling her to make it right.

But two girls can’t divide the horse they both adore. So will life surprise them with an answered prayer?

“Chocolate is like joy that melts in your mouth.” Emma unwrapped a chocolate bar and waved it under her nose. “I can’t think of anything as good as chocolate except having your own horse.”

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Susan Count

Susan Count is a life-long equestrian and owned by a Rocky Mountain Horse that is kind hearted enough to take her on long forested trail rides. She adores grandchildren, horses, and bunnies. 

Instilled with the need to create, she loves building projects and writing adventure stories. She writes at an antique secretary desk that occupies a glass room with a forest view. Fittingly, it once belonged to the grandmother who introduced her to the love of reading via Walter Farley's horse books. That desk has secret compartments which hold memories, mysteries, and story ideas.

Susan has published four books in an equestrian series. As a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Texas Association of Authors, she takes studying the craft of writing seriously. Revision is her super-power.

 She says the only thing more fun than riding might be writing horse adventure stories and she invites you to saddle up and ride along. You can learn more about Susan's work by visiting her website!

CONNECT WITH SUSAN: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


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  1. Sounds like a great series for kids who love horses.

  2. I grew up around horses so these books had me from the get go. Thanks for the enticing giveaway.

  3. Thank you for sharing! - JustRead Tours

  4. There's always something about horses that grab us! (I loved the Black Stallion as a kid.)

  5. My great granddaughter would have enjoyed this series -- she's an equestrian. But, I find them appealing. Nothing like a good horse book! She's beyond MG books now. Wished I known about this series a few years ago.

  6. These definitely would appeal to horse lovers. It's great that the author is an expert in her own right.

  7. I come from a horse-loving family. I bet these books will do well. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Horse books! I know an entire club of horse-crazy girls - will suggest this series.

  9. I am a big lover of horses. I have worked on horse farms and find being around them so comforting. This sounds like a series I would have loved as a kid and would still enjoy now. Thanks for sharing. :)