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Deadly Darkness: A World War II Mystery 
(Deadly Series) by Kate Parker

About Deadly Darkness


Historical Cozy Mystery 6th in Series  
Publisher: JDP Press (February 26, 2021) 
310 Pages Digital ASIN: B08P58VKPY

As Britain prepares for an imminent invasion, the murder of a celebrated Arctic explorer leads to the discovery of a web of Nazi spies on the south coast.

July, 1939. Newlywed Olivia Denis Redmond plans to spend a peaceful honeymoon in the country before war rips her soldier husband away. But when she finds a dead body in the midst of a blackout, Olivia is drawn into the investigation.

Since the police inspector isn’t interested in clues pointing to espionage and blackmail, Olivia must unlock secrets hidden for years in this idyllic village and face the wrath of an unseen enemy. 

As danger stalks her, can Olivia expose a cunning killer before she becomes the next victim?

Deadly Darkness, the sixth book in the Deadly Series, is for fans of World War II era spy thrillers and classic cozy mysteries, of intrepid lady sleuths with spunk and smarts. No explicit cursing, sex, or violence.

Start exploring this journey or mystery and intrigue today as Britain and Germany draw dangerously close to war.


Character Guest Post – Lady Abby

Hello, I’m Lady Abby Summersby. The title of Lady is because I’m married to a baronet, Sir John Summersby, and really isn’t all that grand. Those of you in the twenty-first century, just call me Abby.

Livvy Denis, now Redmond, is actually my late cousin’s widow. I’d always been close to Reggie Denis, and I was thrilled when he married Livvy. She’s been almost like a sister to me.

John and I have been aware for a year or more that Livvy is involved in counter-espionage for Britain. Her father was involved in spying for Britain during the Great War, and she seems to have followed in his footsteps, no matter how much she’d like to stay far away from her father.

Livvy’s father, Sir Ronald Harper, is a Foreign Office official who raised his daughter as a single parent after his wife died in the influenza epidemic following the war. Oh, that’s World War I to you in the twenty-first century. I applaud his efforts; I just wish he’d see Livvy for the brave, intelligent woman she is.

We’re certain Livvy has signed the Official Secrets Act in the course of her work. John also signed the Official Secrets Act during the war, and he understands that Livvy can’t divulge what she is up to. When she asks for our help, we’re glad to give it without asking too many questions.

That changed when Livvy brought two young boys to stay with us this past spring. We expected her to provide some information about them, and she agreed. Gerhard, aged ten, and Heinrich, aged six, spoke only German. They had just been orphaned when their father, an official of the German government, was caught giving military secrets to the British. He was sent to Sachsenhausen and killed, and Livvy had tried to rescue the boys and their mother. The woman was murdered, and Livvy needed a safe, warm, loving home for two sad children. They had no living relatives in our country.

John and I have two teenaged boys who are now away at boarding school as teenaged boys of our class always are. We like children, and we have a big house and land in the country south of London. We said we’d give it a try.

Gerhard and Henry, as he’s now called, have slipped into our lives and our hearts. They’ve become part of our family and part of the local school in the village. Gerhard, like our older son, Matthew, loves to tinker with mechanical things and is studious. Henry has a million friends and a million questions to occupy his mind that are much more interesting than his lessons. Our younger son, Mark, now a teenager, is thrilled someone else is the baby in the family because he feels quite grownup.

When Livvy said she and Adam wanted to get married in our church, St. Athanasius, we were thrilled. I’m glad Livvy is getting on with her life since Reggie was murdered, and Adam is a fine man. Adam, an Army Captain, and my husband, a Colonel at the end of the Great War, have a lot in common.

I was surprised when our neighbor, Sir Rupert Manning, put up such a fuss about the wedding taking place in our church. I have no idea why it upset him. Perhaps he’s bored. Perhaps, not being much of churchgoer, he was against it because they’d never met and Livvy didn’t ask his permission.

What he didn’t know was that he was about to be murdered and Livvy would hunt for his killer.

* * * * * * * * * * *

About Kate Parker


Kate Parker caught the reading bug early, and the writing bug soon followed. She’s always lived in a house surrounded by books and dust bunnies. After spending a dozen years in North Carolina, she moved to Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are beautiful, but she’d developed a love of wide rivers, warmer and wetter weather, and fast-growing greenery that sent her hurrying back to North Carolina.

Deadly Travel is the fifth book in the Deadly Series, and Kate’s plan is to follow it quickly with Deadly Darkness, both set in 1939 in the days leading up to war. There are at least three more of the Deadly Series coming that will bring the beginning of the war to Olivia’s doorstep. Kate reports that she is having fun creating new stories to entertain readers and chaos to challenge her characters.

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