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Love may be right around the corner in the heartwarming, sweet, and gentle Pine Creek series from Amity Hope.

After the death of her beloved father, Emma Ziegler just wants to keep her family’s maple syrup farm afloat and raise her two young siblings. But when her meddling aunt’s first choice of a husband for her turns out to be Emma’s last choice—Pine Creek’s most notorious bachelor—Emma grows desperate. Her aunt won’t listen, no matter how much she tries to tell her the man in no way embodies the Amish values of faith or hard work.

Kind and industrious Levi Bontrager has always wanted to protect his best friend Emma, even after a secret from their youth left them growing apart. Which is why he steps in to claim that Emma cannot wed anyone else, as she is currently courting him. Yes, the small lie leaves him feeling guilty, but Levi’s hope is that if he can win back the beautiful Emma’s trust, he can also win over her heart...for real.

But can a courtship that began just for show ever blossom into a true romance that could save both their futures?

Praise for the Book:
"Pine Creek Courtship is a lovely Amish Romance book. I felt the faith strongly in this book, and loved the connections between all the characters it was sweet the way they were somehow all so loving and understanding even though at times there was no doubt some tension. I recommend anyone who loved Amish romance to give this book a read." --Ash L., NetGalley


ISBN: 9781682815908
Series: Pine Creek , Book 1
Release Date: March 30, 2021
Page Count: 368
Imprint: Amara
Genre: Contemporary
Tropes: Fake Relationship



Amity Hope is a romance author with a degree in elementary education, who worked in that field for ten years before deciding to chase her dream. If she's not writing or spending time with her boys, she’s most likely reading. An author of many books for young adults, Amity made her Amish fiction debut with Pine Creek Courtship. She lives in beautiful northern Minnesota with her two sons.



An enjoyable story set in the Amish community of Pine Creek, Minnesota . . . 

This book kicks off a new Amish romance series written by Author Amity Hope for the Amara Imprint at Entangled Publishing. Before the story begins, readers are introduced to the Amish faith with a Glossary of Terms. I have been reading Amish fiction for close to twenty years, and I still appreciate having a glossary to refer to while I'm reading the book.
Twenty-four-year-old Emma Ziegler is dealing with a lot of difficult challenges including grieving the loss of both of her parents, raising her younger siblings since she was a teen herself, and loneliness. As an Amish woman, she is subject to the oversight of her life by other family members. Emma wants to be strong and independent, but obtaining those traits seems almost impossible at times. There are lots of misunderstandings and mishaps along the way as Emma struggles to overcome the heavy burdens placed upon her shoulders.
Emma's next-door neighbor, Levi Bontrager, appears to be inserting himself in Emma's family's life at every turn; and he has a bad habit of not quite telling the truth about his motives and actions of the past--or present. However, Levi proves over and over again through his kindness and generosity that he has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to looking after the Zieglers.

Readers will find many elements to enjoy in this tale of love, forgiveness, and faith. A well-developed group of unique characters, a traditional Amish community as the setting, and many examples of personal growth for all of the main characters make this the kind of story that I seek to read when I pick up an Amish fiction book.
This book is completely clean in language and content.
Highly-recommended to fans of Amish/Christian fiction and Amish/Christian romance. I look forward to reading the next installment of this series.
I received a paperback copy of this book from the publisher. My opinions and thoughts expressed here are solely my own.







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