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ABOUT THE BOOK {from Goodreads}:

Discover 100 creative ways to express gratitude for all that's good in your life with this powerful little book, packed with positive thoughts, practical ideas, and take-action prompts.

Rejoice in snow days! Make time for belly laughs! Pause to marvel at the wonders of nature! In today's hectic, fast-paced, overscheduled world, so many of us -- including kids! -- try to do it all. This book offers up unique ways to slow down, be mindful, and appreciate life's little gifts. The pages are filled with inspiration and motivation on how to be appreciative and pass along kindness. Interviews with National Geographic explorers offer examples of ways to give back. Uplifting quotes and ideas are sure to motivate readers to do more and be more mindful every day, so we all come away with a renewed sense that life is pretty great!

I found the ideas in this book to be meaningful, powerful, and inspiring! I think this book has value for children of all ages and for teens and adults, as well.

This book is part of the fabulous National Geographic Kids collection, so you know you can expect to see beautiful images of animals in nature, animals in action, and humans in various settings.

There are one hundred ideas, or prompts, listed about ways to be thankful. Each idea has close-up, colorful photos, information/ideas, and sidebars. My favorite sidebars were the ones titled, 'Appreciation Station'. These shared about a real-life person or historical event relating to the particular idea. I feel the inclusion of this information makes the ideas more tangible to readers by providing proof that the particular idea has been successfully put into practice in the past.

All of the ideas are valuable, but the following are a few that caught my eye as a former educator and as a woman living in a busy, sometimes chaotic world.

#3 -- Use your imagination;
#6 -- Do what you can to make the world a better place;
#9 -- Take stock of what you do have;
#12 -- Be aware of your impact on the planet;
#15 -- Take pleasure in little things;
#21 -- Curb the complaining;
#24. -- Turn up the music;
#25. -- Be still;
#28. -- Follow your curiosity;
#49. -- Get out into nature;
#55. -- PLAY;
#60. -- Be a bookworm! {πŸ˜„  One of my personal favorites for obvious reasons!}
#67. -- Always say, 'Thank You';
#74. -- Volunteer;
#79. -- Be a good listener;
#83. -- Make someone a homemade gift {πŸ’— Another personal favorite}; and
#89. -- Have empathy.

Highly recommended for teachers, librarians, parents/grandparents, child care providers, youth/scout/church leaders, and anyone of any age who wants to practice more positivity in his/her life and have a positive impact upon their little corner of the world.

I borrowed this book from the non-fiction section in the children's collection of the local public library.

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  1. Yes, this sounds like a great book for everyone! Being grateful is so important to happiness in life.

  2. The perfect time for a book like this. Our world has turned into a critical free for all so this cover made me smile.

  3. Timely book for middle grade readers -- such a tough time. But there is a new generation of children who exude compassion and kindness and character. I couldn't believe it when my 13-year-old great granddaughter told me she was part of "squad" of kids at school who confronted kids who bullied others. So many kids with heart!

  4. This sounds like such a fun and wholesome read! I'm glad that this kind of book is available to kids today. (P.S. I loved reading Natalie Aguirre's interview with you as well!)

  5. My 9-year-old loves these National Geographic books, and the theme of this one is fantastic. I'll look out for it!

  6. I love the NatGeo book and I think we could all more grateful for what we have. It's a great lesson for kids. Thanks for the heads up. I will check it out.


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