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The Sherrif's Second Chance by Tanya Agler Title: The Sheriff's Second Chance
Author: Tanya Agler
Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming
Release Date: January 1, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Broken things can’t be fixed… 
Or can they?

Officer and single dad Mike Harrison doesn’t believe in second chances. Ever. That is, until he learns that his former best friend—gorgeous green-eyed car mechanic Georgie Bennett—is back in town. Unfortunately, she’s also a suspect in a recent break-in! But it’ll take an old classic car to show Mike and Georgie that almost anything can be restored with a little patience…and a whole lot of love.


The thieves knew what they were doing. Mike would give them that much. They’d make a mistake, though. When they did, he would solve the string of B&Es and get his dependable life back. The one that didn’t involve people asking him pesky questions about running for sheriff. The one he’d scrabbled together the day Caitlyn sashayed into his dorm room announcing his impending fatherhood and he’d had to grow up quick.

As soon as Georgie provided an inventory of what was missing, he’d write up the report. Back at the station, without her. With the adrenaline of seeing her again wearing off, he needed to step back. Whenever he ran on emotion rather than logic, he ended up in a heap of trouble.

Excerpt From: Tanya Agler. 'The Sheriff’s Second Chance'

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Tanya Agler

An award-winning author, Tanya Agler moved often during her childhood and settled in Georgia where she writes sweet contemporary romance novels, which feature small towns, family and pets, and themes of second chances and hope. 

Her debut, The Sheriff’s Second Chance, is a January of 2020 Harlequin Heartwarming release. A graduate of the University of Georgia with degrees in journalism and law, she lives with her wonderful husband, their four children, and a lovable Basset, who really rules the roost. Represented by Dawn Dowdle and the Blue Ridge Literary Agency, she’s currently at work on the sequels to her debut.  When she’s not writing, Tanya loves classic movies, walking, and a good cup of tea.


June: Welcome to 'Reading, Writing & Stitch-Metic', Tanya. I'm delighted to have you as my special guest for this blog tour stop. Congratulations on your debut Harlequin release, 'The Sheriff's Second Chance'!

June:  Please tell us how you created and developed the characters for this novel. Are any of the characters or their personality traits or physical descriptions based on people you've come across in your own life?  If yes, what prompted you to include them in 'The Sheriff's Second Chance'?

Tanya:  Books revolving around small towns and family have always been some of my favorites. My debut novel, The Sheriff’s Second Chance, came about from a couple of ideas that all came together at once. One of the main inspirations was a classic car show occurring at a park where my family stopped for a picnic (I love picnics!) on the first leg of a vacation. Seeing some of the classic cars spurred my imagination into full gear. The idea of a story centered around restoring something broken and run down suggested the themes of second chances and hope, and that’s when I realized this would have to center around a reunion for the hero and heroine. I loved writing this book, and Beau popped up after I plotted the story, but the dog that’s featured on the cover helped make the writing all the more fun.

June:  Who is your favorite character in this story? Why is this person your favorite? Without spoiling the story, is there anyone in the story whom you do not like? Why not?

I love Georgie and Mike, but Rachel stole my heart when she came on the scene. She definitely has some of my favorite lines in the book, including a line early on when she asks Georgie if twenty-three dollars and fourteen cents will be enough money to hire Georgie to fix her father. I’ll also admit I’d adopt Beau from an animal shelter in a second.

Overall, I love all the characters, but Mr. Crabtree, a minor character who only appears once in the book, is probably my least favorite character. Second chances and hope are key themes throughout the book, and he’s a close-minded person who’s not willing to give Georgie a chance. He’s set in his ways and refuses to open his mind to new opportunities.

June:  When you write a book, do you outline the entire story, or do you have a different way of organizing your plot, characters, etc.? Do you always know the ending of your story before you begin putting things down on paper, or into your computer?  Do you have any particular organizational tips that you'd like to pass along to other authors and aspiring authors? 

Tanya:  Overall, I do spend quite a time outlining the story and trying to get to know the characters before I start writing the story. For The Sheriff’s Second Chance, I had a chapter outline at the beginning, but I also take time during the course of writing to make changes. For instance, the original ending is different, and I knew during the first draft that I had to change the resolution scene, but that’s all I’ll say so I don’t ruin the surprise! So, I did know the ending but there were details of the ending that changed along the way. I do write the book in chronological order so I’m more adaptable to surprises that pop up. For instance, Beau was not in the original plotting stages and he came to me during the first day of writing the actual book.

I’m a mom of four so organization is key for me. Personally, my calendar planner helps keep me somewhat on track. My advice to aspiring authors is to tell the people around you what you’re doing and get them on board. Having my family’s support is a big part of my being able to write on a consistent daily basis. For instance, right now, my older son is sitting across from me working on schoolwork while I’m typing my answers. One other piece of advice is to write a story you love. As one workshop presenter once said, if you’re excited about your characters and you think of them as friends, you’ll want to spend every day with them getting to know them better. In my current manuscript, I love the heroine and I can’t wait for her and the hero to overcome their internal conflicts to earn their happy ending.
June:  Have you ever considered writing non-fiction or writing in any other genres in fiction such as middle-grade, picture books, mystery, historical, or a fictional genre other than inspirational romance? How about poetry? If yes, what projects would you like to work on in the future?

Tanya:  When my twins started preschool, I thought about writing a non-fiction book about being the mom of twins. There are a couple of books on surviving the first months, but not that many about what to do after that point. However, I’ve wanted to write fiction, and I love romance. Even my stuffed animals had weddings, and my childhood favorite ended up married with three little stuffed animal children, including twins. So, romance has always been dear to my heart, and I’ve always wanted to write romance.

I’d love to expand to romantic suspense someday but, for now, I love working on sweet contemporary romance blending laughs and tears. I love books that make me laugh and tug at my heartstrings, and I hope that I’m able to give readers that same emotional experience.

June:  What writing project are you currently working on? Does 'The Sheriff's Second Chance' kick off a series or is it a standalone? 

Tanya:  Thanks for asking this! Yes, The Sheriff’s Second Chance kicks off a series. I just turned in Lucie’s book, which deals with redemption and hope, and I’m now working on Natalie’s book. Lucie and Natalie are Georgie’s friends, and Natalie is also Mike’s sister.

June:  Are there any hobbies or interests you would like to pursue in the future? Where would you like to travel if and when your busy schedule allows?

Tanya:  My husband and I are already planning a trip to Europe after our twins graduate high school. We have plenty of time to plan, however, as our twins are in fourth grade. Traveling is definitely on my agenda in the future. I’d love to visit Europe and Australia and New Zealand.

I’m also interested in canoeing and would love to introduce our two youngest to whitewater rafting in the upcoming years. I’d also like to see more national parks and hike to more waterfalls. I love seeing nature and, while I’m not a camper, I do love day hikes and would like to pursue more of those in the future.

June:  Thank you for sharing some time with us today, Tanya. I appreciate your chatting with us about your writing journey and other interesting topics! Best wishes for your continued success in your writing endeavors. 
Tanya:  Thank you so much for having me!
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