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ABOUT THE BOOK {from Goodreads}:

Quilters and crafters rejoice! This story of a community coming together to make a quilt is a heartwarming celebration of creativity and teamwork.

The kids and grown-ups at a community center begin with lots of colorful fabrics and an idea. Then step by step they make that idea a reality. They design, cut, stitch, layer, and quilt. It's the work of many hands, many hours, and many stories. And the result is something warm and wonderful they all can share.

Lizzy Rockwell is the artistic director and organizing force behind the Norwalk Community Quilt Project: Peace by Piece, and this book is inspired by all the people who have gathered over the years to teach and learn and to make something beautiful together.



Lizzy Rockwell is an illustrator whose artwork can be seen in picture books, magazines, games and on walls. She studied art and art history at Connecticut College, and drawing and illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Lizzy is the illustrator of over 25 children's books by a variety of authors including her mother, Anne Rockwell. She is the author/illustrator of Plants Feed MeGood Enough to Eat: A Kid's Guide to Food and Nutrition, Hello Baby! and The Busy Body Book: A Kid's Guide to Fitness.

Lizzy has two grown sons, and lives and works in Bridgeport, CT with her husband, Ken Alcorn, a high school social studies teacher, and their dog Reggie.



As a quilter, I was thrilled when I found this 2020 release in the children's collection of our library's catalog. The cover art is so warm and welcoming with the diverse group of children and an adult wearing smiles while spending time together working on a quilt all-together that it prompts readers to open the book and dive in.
The book tells the story based on the author/illustrator's real life, as explained in the back matter after the story. The 'Peace by Piece' quilting group, which was founded in 2008, meets two afternoons a week to work on quilts which they then hang in public places such as public libraries, community colleges, and children's museums.

This inspirational group is filled with diverse people of several different age groups who contribute their time and skills to make something meaningful together. 

Throughout the story, the full-sized, detailed illustrations lead readers through the making of a quilt. Each step is highlighted in text and illustrations, from cutting the fabric, sewing the quilt blocks, assembling the quilt, making a sandwich of the quilt top/batting/backing, hand-quilting the three layers, and adding the binding. 

As a bonus, the back matter includes diagrams of nine 'Classic Quilt Blocks' and information about the fabrics used to make the quilt in the book.

This is one of my favorite quilt books for children! Highly-recommended for families, classrooms, youth groups/scout groups, libraries, plus anyone who wants to learn to make a basic quilt from start to finish.



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  1. It's good to know that the quilting details are solid. I just read a fantasy book where quilts were mentioned on the first page, and described as "knitted". Eyes rolled.

  2. This looks like a lovely book—the theme of people coming together to create something is wonderful, and it's great that it's based on a real-life project and has good details about the process of making a quilt! (Looking at this reminded me that my family used to own a really beautiful quilt that I think is in a closet somewhere—I think it was store-bought, but it was still very pretty.) Thanks so much for the great post!

  3. My mom was a quilter so I love hearing about this type of book. So many memories. I will let some neighbors know of your review as the have 2nd graders who enjoy making things. Thanks for featuring on MMGM.

  4. Great to hear about a fun quilting book. And it sounds like a great group of quilters.

  5. This looks like a lovely book. I have some quilting friends who will love it. Thanks for the review.



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